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Industrial carpets

You will find Atlas carpets wherever beautiful interiors and outstanding quality are combined. The following brands of commercial carpets are available: Carpet Mills Atlas, New York, NY. Carpet tile; Carpet floor; Barrier floor;

Statically dissipative carpet. Explore the best professional carpet systems for commercial interiors.

Atlas rugs are all designed for outstanding performances while meeting high enviromental requirements.

Atlas rugs are all developed for outstanding performances while meeting high enviromental requirements. Atlas has been lucky enough to be recognized as an award-winning designer guide by various trade organizations for over 40 years. The Atlas range of software covers a broad range of designs, texts and budget. You are invited to visit our website and be inspiration for our unique flooring, which can be found wherever nice interior spaces and high qualities are combined.

This four-piece carpet tiles range is based on the amazing combination of texts, forms and colours that constantly changes and evolves over the years. Three carpet tiles and four broadband designs inspire the range, based on icat at, a handicraft where yarns are coloured and then hand-woven into a fabric to produce a striped and naturally looking look.

Broadband and flat carpets, which remind of day at the seaside. These four designs are available in a choice of sixteen colours, ranging from neutral earth and blue to bright red. Pattern originating from this part of the globe, inspirated by the singular and naturally splendour of the rock. Available in 12x36 carpet tiles, carpets and mats.

Industrial carpet

Industrial floor coverings are one of our specialities. Understanding that the demands placed on a commercial carpet differ from those placed on a home carpet, we provide a complete range of carpets and carpet tiles. Our affiliate, Dalton Hospitals Carpet Mills, also provides an extensive range of Hospitals carpet items.

Commercially available rugs provide ageless looks that have been refreshed alongside unanticipated designs and colours to meet all your styling needs. This line of carpet flooring will bring surprising elegance to commercial interior decor. Moulded carpet is the most flexible, durable and environmental friend that is available today. Get the desired look with longevity with a product that has low install costs.

Through our Dalton Hospitals Carpet Mills affiliate, we provide a range of catering carpet solutions for hallways, pubs and rooms.

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