Commercial Carpet Samples

Samples for commercial carpets

Just "Open Sample Box" and your selected samples are there. Experts in Commercial Carpets - Let us help you choose the right commercial carpet for your home or office. You will receive selected patterns. You do not need to visit a showroom - we come to you with a selection of carpet tiles to choose from. of New Jersey (USA), is a manufacturer of residential and commercial vinyl, luxury vinyl, laminate and hardwood panels as well as commercial carpets and rubber.

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Each page, at any moment, click on the pattern symbol to insert the carpet item and color into your pattern. Just click on "Open Synth Box" and your chosen samples will be there. Samples can be added or removed, or you can even conveniently printed out a dropdown menu. To edit your query, open the Template User Box and click the Send Query tool.

Browse our carpet tile collection for the products you need.

Large commercial space - Nylon

Woollen carpets of high qualitiy, hot, luxurious and long-lasting are perfect for families, for those who love nature and renewal fibers. Strong, dirt repellent and available in a variety of colors. Blends of wools and man-made fibers give these carpets the soft, luxury feel of wools with the longevity of man-made materials.

It is available in a variety of colors and is suitable for mid to high frequency areas in single house use. It is a man-made fiber made from artificial material. Comes in a variety of colors and style. Accessible, robust and long-lasting rugs have additional spot durability and are therefore suitable for high frequency areas, lounge areas, stairs and corridors.

Comes in a variety of colors, because of its durability, polyamide is perfect for households with kids and pet owners. Produced by trimming the upper sides of the loop so that the nap remains erect and a uniformly even surface is achieved. Pruned rugs comprise pruned rugs, pruned rugs, pruned rugs and frisian rugs.

Made when the thread is thread through the back and stitched back to form a sling of thread. A number of different kinds of sling poles are available, each with its own unique appearance, among them sling,isal and multilayer sling mats. Made from a mixture of sliced and looped bundles.

Clusters of different heights lend a structured and patternsed look. Straps are evenly chopped and slightly turned in the thread so that the nap remains erect and provides a supple, flat texture. Straps are trimmed to a uniform finishing and manufactured with a high thread count, which allows the nap to lay in different orientations, giving a rich, structured look.

Made from long slit floral clusters running in different direction, offering a rich structure and an almost ragged outline. Manufactured from evenly high straps, giving a clearly structured strap look. Commonly referred to as high low loop rugs. This is a sling pole carpet of structured ribbons in even series.

It has a combined cutting and looping tuft. Clusters can vary in size, resulting in a structured and patternsed look. Combine a flat design with equally high clusters of loops to create a sleek, supple look with striking pattern. Our rugs offer acoustical and thermic characteristics for comfort and style.

Pick a woolen or woolen mix carpet to give a distinctive luxury look and feel, or opt for our broad selection of synthetics to fit every budget without compromise to either fabric finish or style. Pick from a variety of colors and lifestyles to inspire visual instruction.

You can use brightly textured rugs to inspire your creative spirit, or more subtile shades for specific areas of use. Carpet modules can be used to set different teaching areas within a room. We have a tailor-made, gifted staff of fabric stylists who can help you realise your visions and build unforgettable, individual environments. One way or another, we will design extraordinary, bespoke rugs while saving your precious hours and fulfilling your budget goals.

Design and create offices and choose colors that fit or enhance your branding. Our wide range of products allows you to use colorful rugs with strong designs to make the floors a highlight, or choose subdued shades that compliment other characteristics. Occupied areas require a long-lasting, dependable carpet.

Our wide range of profiles allows you to use colorful rugs with strong designs to make the carpet a special characteristic, or choose subdued shades that compliment other characteristics or highlight items. Buzzing retailer floors require a long-lasting, dependable carpet.

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