Commercial Carpet Tiles

Industrial carpet tiles

Westbond specialises in carpet tiles and a wide range of other carpet and floor coverings for commercial, industrial and household use. The Desso Commercial Carpetes range offers unique, innovative and durable carpets and carpet tiles for the office, education and healthcare sectors. Teppichfliesen - Top performance. Customers come from the education, government, trade and retail sectors. Commercial renovation, maintenance and repairs are part of our work.

West Bond Commercial carpet tiles

The Westbond Color merged carpet tiles are produced in the UK and give you the liberty to truly personalise your floor. So if you can't find the right color in this booklet, just make your own color. It is possible to adapt the color to almost everything, starting from 1m². If you can't find your ideal hue in our 144-colour range, you can make your own.

Any Pantone, RAL or NCS color can be adapted to your individual design.


At the top of the page are the sales partners for Inter and Royal Thai cars. Our range includes innovative floor coverings such as module carpet tiles and textured or toned carpet for clean, attractive rooms. The EcoSoft® post-consumer recycling PSE tiles retention system from Inter has many advantages, not least because it is PVC-free.

PVC-free carpet tiles provide a long line of advantages that are better for you and better for the enviroment. Our decade-long expertise is devoted to the development, production and delivery of flexible soil systems. Above Left's soil stewardship is integrated and built on smart product and service offerings that address customers' needs, and include the ability to minimize ecological and societal impact.

Distributing premium brands from world-class vendors, we provide the foundation for the highest standards of excellence, modern designs and unsurpassed performances. When it comes to qualitiy, innovative designs and overall package delivery, Above Left is unique positioned to satisfy the most challenging needs of planners, interior and exterior professionals.

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