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Designer commercial floors

For your home or business premises. Contract Flooring & Design, as a leader in the flooring industry, can assist you with all your flooring and ceiling repair needs. Square tiles, digital graphic applications, the resurgence of terrazzo and product transparency are the trends in today's commercial flooring. Bright colours and wood effects to the distinctive contemporary styles of our designer collections. Large selection of carpets, parquet floors, laminate, ceramic and porcelain stoneware tiles, luxurious vinyl floors and room carpets.


Allow us to help you find the right solution for you with our new Produktfinder. Choose the item from the dropdown menu or by color to put your free sample in the cart. Do you need a consultation for the laying of vinylic floors? Would you like to know where you can buy our floor coverings? Immediate and preferential control over the entire production process or install in just a few clicks.

You wonder what your new vinylsook like? Get Gerflor BIM objects in Revit & Autocad!

The use of cookie data is used to analyse the use of our website and to make its contents more user-friendly.

The use of cookie data is used to analyse the use of our website and to make its contents more user-friendly. Do you need help to find the right ground? A genuine nature ground from 97% naturally resources, 72% quickly renewables and 43% recycle ingredients. For their longevity, ease of care and flexibility, vinyls are well known.

Homogenous vinylic flooring consists of a unique coating that provides liveliness and colorfulness. It' s unbelievably long-lasting and dirt-repellent, making it a good option for flooring in busy areas. The Flotex is the only flooring material on the flooring scene that blends the attractiveness of a fabric flooring with the convenience and hygiene benefits of an elastic material.

Available in a broad palette of colors and commercial styles, Flotex can handle heavy use and heavy congestion - ideal for highly frequented recreational, educational, commercial and commercial sites. The Flotex flock flooring product is available in metal sheets, tiles and floorboards. Reduced exposure to sound is vital to reduce stresses and promote the well-being, convenience and effectiveness of those who work or learn.

Therefore acoustical flooring is the enabler for sound reduction indoors. The Colorex is an innovative floor system specifically developed to monitor electrostatic discharges in critical areas such as clean rooms, operation rooms and the electronic industries. Alongside them, these three long-established, renowned brand names provide designers and their customers with an unbeatable range of rug tiles to suit every possible style requirement.

Known for its elegant and durable design, it radiates high levels of refinement and sophistication. Its matt finish and hot, smooth finish make it a truly one-of-a-kind piece of furniture. Ideal for the home or office. Perfect for commercial wet room uses such as spa's, swimming baths, dressing rooms and wet rooms in healthcare environments.

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