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The industry leader in entrance mats and mats. There is a large selection of entrance mats, commercial floor mats and fatigue-free entrance mats. When it seems almost impossible to keep up with all the dirt, snow and mud that gets into your business, the best solution is a quality indoor entrance mat. Using carpet, vinyl, polypropylene and nylon materials, we are sure we have the type of door mat you need. Do a great first impression with commercially available door mats that protect your store entrances from dirt and moisture while improving traction!

Entrance mat for interiors | Entrance mat

When it seems almost impractical to keep up with all the debris, snows and sludge that gets into your company, the best option is a top grade interior mats. Our interior mats are uniquely designed to absorb, contain and conceal moisture and debris that would otherwise be traced in your shop, shower room or work.

When your entry is subject to heavy rains or snows throughout the entire winter period, it is best to use one of our many Waterhog mats. Consisting of fast curing, mold proof PP materials and gum or woven barrier edging, these mats hold up to 1.5 g of moisture per metre2.

Mat product range consists of different kinds of coated fibres for use in different application areas. The Looped or Cut Pile Olefin is typical for our interior exterior entrance mats as it is an absorptive rug fibre that wipes the footwear neat. Others, such as our Waterhog mats, are made from a durable polyurethane mat that is stable to ultraviolet rays, mould and mould.

It is a synthetical fibre known for its extremely high resistance and fast curing, ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Each of our mat product is equipped with either a non-slip backing of either vinylic or elastic to keep your mat in place on practically any type of floor, and above all to prevent it from slipping and falling.

As well as our range of interior entry mats, we also provide a range of large, individually moulded entry mats and carpeting tile for large entries that may be strangely moulded. Most of these mats can be individually tailored to your requirements, e.g. for application from side to side, for sunken areas or with bevelled edges attached over the mats.

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