Commercial Floor Mat Cleaning

Cleaning of commercial floor mats

Keeping your floors safe and clean. We have designed our mats to absorb several litres of water and kilograms of dirt. Explore the most effective way to ensure your commercial floor mats are clean and provide the best possible first line of defense against dirt. Use grease-resistant, easy-to-clean kitchen floor mats to reduce the risk of slipping and falls. Reception Latham Commercial Doormats.

Do' s and Dont' s of cleaning commercial kitchen mats

FREMONT, OH-Each Every year in the USA there are about four million slipping incidents in the catering trade, potentially the biggest industrial slipping area. Whilst some incidents take place at the front of the home, most of them take place in the back end - in the galley and in the restaurant.

"One of the most efficient ways to minimise these slipping and falling injuries is to fit a mat system such as the " safety flows " or " drain mat, specifically developed for use in damp and greasy catering areas," says Adam Strizzi, Crown Matrix Technologies Sales Director. Those pads must be kept neat for them to function effectively."

For this reason Strizzi provides the following options for maintaining the cleanliness of commercial catering mats: investment in a mat transportation frame; all mat can be fixed to the frame, making it much simpler to move the mat and drying after cleaning. Bring the mat outside; they should not be washed on the floor.

Aggressive chemical and degreasing agents are not always necessary; try to clean the mat with warm/hot tap and dishwashing liquid. Cover both sides of the mat with the cleaning solvent using a cover bristle; take special care of the openings in the mat. Flush the mat thoroughly and then suspend it from the mat stand and let it aerate.

Place the mat on a neat, tidy and tidy floor. "Strizzi added, "There are also a few things that cleaning pros should consider when cleaning commercial doormats. "Do not put the mat in a dish washer or washer, which is quite normal. Don't ever collapse the mat. Put them on the floor or on the shelf for storage."

For over 70 years, Crown Matrix Technologies has been setting the standards in the commercial and manufacturing matrix industries. Crown is well known for its invention of Zedlandfoam, a proprietary foaming technique included in Crown's line of matted commercial applications. Today, Crown has a wide range of entry and anti-fatigue mat ranges in the sector.

It offers mats for a broad range of markets, from office and school environments to hotel and industry sites.

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