Commercial Floor Mats

Industrial floor mats

Industrial floor mats & carpets Our range includes carpets and mats for individual logos to enhance your trademark. Consolidated provides a range of high quality anti-fatigue mats to keep your employees healthy and comfy. Industrial floor mats are an important part of your home care programme. Correct entry floor matting will stop dust and moisture from entering your doors and provides a secure walking area.

Our range of interior and roofed exterior mats includes our Brush Dry Mats, Premiere Brush Dry Mats, Economy Mats, Aquasorb Premiere Mats, Majestic Entrance Mats, Majestic Plus Mats, Majestic Halbovale Mats, Aquasorb Eco Mats, Aquasorb Whirlpool Mats, Aquasorb Classic Mats, Aquasorb Classic Deluxe Mats, Aquasorb Select Mats, Aquasorb Oriental Mats, Aquasorb Personalized Doormats, Aquasorb Eco Roller Mats and our own range of Brush Dry Mats.

Integrating anti-fatigue mats into workplaces or high-use areas is one way of reducing worker suffering and injuries. Among the anti-fatigue mats we stock are our Ultra Anti-Fatigue mats, Diamond cushion mats, Ultra Sponge Plus mats, Ultra Sponge mats, Softstep mats, Marble cushion mats, Premiere Marble cushion mats, Drain Top cushion mats, Ultra Anti-Fatigue Modular tile mats, Ultra Comfort mats, High Performance Diamond plate sponge mats, Super Soft Diamond plate mats and our Happy Feet⢠Anti-Fatigue mats.

Our wide range of blankets are ideally suited for kitchen, bar, preparation and industry applications. Among the mats we stock are our very lightweight Flex-Flow mats, the lightweight Dek mat, the Drain Top cushion mats - 3-sided, heavy duty tire mats and our ribbed mat with wavy vinyl and pad.

With our entrance and gate mats you can protect yourself from dust, sludge, snow as well as salts before they enter your work. Among the mats we stock for the outdoors are our Super Scrape mats, Heavy Duty shoe wiper mats, United Mat⢠brush wiper mats and Heavy Duty rubber tire mats.

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