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Visit our entrance mats to find the right commercial entrance mats for your business needs. Industrial floor mats are an important part of your building maintenance programme. Industrial floor mats | Entrance mats | Rubber floor coverings Individual logo mats are multifunctional in that they keep your floor tidy and secure for your clients and at the same time present your logo at the same time. Antifatigue Logo Mats consist of a closed-cell PVC foam that relieves pain from staying up all night while enhancing your Brand. Our Classic Impressions HD and SuperScrape Impressions are produced with state-of-the-art printing equipment that enables us to create photorealistic pictures on carpets and blankets.

Waterhog Inlay Mat and Power Loc Berber Inlay Mat can be used in high frequency entrances, and because they are made of ultraviolet stable PP, they can be used inside and outside. Have a look at our Vinyl Link mats, which are loved by school, hotel, airport and army buildings for their long life of up to 40+ years!

The mats are ideal for work areas where friction is still a problem. With our range of ribbed and structured anti-fatigue mats, you and your staff can create a non-slip finish while retaining all the advantages of an ergonomic anti-fatigue mat. Surfaces in our Ribbed and Structured Anti-Fatigue Mats section comprise ribbed cardboard, pyramids, pebbles, diamonds, and top boss mats, ideal for packers, despatchers, assembling line, tills, and anywhere else employees work for long hours.

Not only are entrance mats highly practical indoors, they can also complement your d├ęcor with many different colours and designs. The majority of interior mats can now be individually slit in certain sizes and length or even in individual forms to match your entrance area to perfection. Entrance mats are available in a variety of finishes, which include wafer mats, chemron mats, ribbed mats, barber mats, and diamonds that create a multidirectional scrape design that removes footwear efficiently from moisture, grime, and soiling.

Most mats, such as the Waterhog mats, are equipped with elastic stop edges that keep fluids in the mats rather than on the floor. In addition, a high-quality entrance mats helps to avoid accidents and accidents during the rainy season. In a commercial pub or eatery, the first thing you want to avoid is slipping and falling.

Secondly, the need to avoid tiredness, pain and pain in the leg and back is a major issue, which is why it is so important to use correct-perforated kitchen mats. Knowing how bustling the services sector can be, our bar and restaurant mats ensure the safety of employees as they work.

Also, we recognize that the services sector can require long downtimes in one area, and our counter mats give staff the cushions and supports they need to reduce tiredness, improve circulation and increase moral standards. Select from our range of mesh mats, custom mats, counter guides or mesh module panels to get the work done!

Where outdoor entrance mats are concerned, Gummi is the king! When access is busy and conditions are harsh, we suggest a high quality new or nitrogen blanket such as the Brush and Brush Blanket or the Oct-O-Flex Blanket to stop dust, sludge or snows at the doors.

To reduce congestion and make it easier to drive in the rain, you can use a reclaimed foam pad like the SuperScrape Eco pad or Tire Tuff Mission pads to do the work without damaging the bench! Security is of course one of our greatest priorities, which is why we would like to offer you security mats and floor coverings that keep your highly frequented areas clean and non-slip and at the same time give every entrance and outside an esthetic treat.

Running any kind of brand-name advertising in your organization is a great way to strengthen your corporate image with an individual logotype that covers and protects the floor of your organization. Our range of anti-fatigue mats for those working in sectors where they have to be on their feet all the time is also a source of great satisfaction.

All of us know how terribly fatigued your foot can be at the end of a long working session, so be sure to prevent the pains before starting one of our individual anti-fatigue floorings for each use. No matter what type of floor ing you want to protect, we have an optional solution for you.

You are a fitness center or fitness studio and need meshing floor mats or mats? We have a complete line of sport floors / gymnastic mats in our range floor coverings range gaym! Hopefully you will be spending some of your browse through our large stock of carpet covering choices and we look forward to fulfilling your order for you soon!

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