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Clean and safe floors with our range of Managed Floorcare solutions. The Waterhog floor mats are ideal for private or commercial use and are available in many sizes and designs. Inner mats can be deeply cleaned using any method used for carpeting. Various markets have different flooring requirements, which is why Durable manufactures matting options for all areas of life. This outdoor doormats are designed to present your logo in the often wet areas.


Advantages of the programme are the possibility to rent only a small amount per shipment instead of paying large quantities in advance, full wash of all mats before each shipment and free replacements of a used floor mats. Our classical mats, which are available in a large range of different colors and shapes, are conceived for use in highly frequented areas.

Elegant and leak-proof, these mats are ideal for any coffeestation. Reducing the risk of slipping and falling with grease-resistant, easy-to-clean mats. Use our security mats to remind your staff of important security notifications. Collect dust and earth with the efficient, all-round acting surfaces of our wiper mats. Antimatter mats are a convenient, walk-in mesh accessory that helps minimize tiredness and increase your production.

Ultra rough fibers on our scrub mats work especially harder to scratch and clean dirt from your footwear. Greet your customers with mats that show customized messages. Each of our round corners has a striking multidirectional design.

The new floor mat Standard declare

Every year thousand of humans are hurt by a tumble and slippage when they enter a doorway, and the first line of defence used by most property developers is the mat for the entry. While mattresses can have an important roll in the prevention of unintentional slipping by eliminating dampness from walking shoes, they often cause tripping and falling when strapped, rolled up or turned over.

The American National Standard Institute (ANSI) Board of Approval issued the latest in its series of pavement security norms, ANSI/NFSI101, in 2012, to prevent slippage, tripping and falling. Instruction 6-2012 for commercial entry mats to reduce slippage, impact and falling. It defines eligibility requirements for the choice, fitting, inspection, servicing and servicing of entry mats and runners in commercial premises to prevent slipping, tripping and falling risks such as flooring, damp ness, contamination, edging and misuse of mats and runners.

The 6 Norm is a straight outcome of the National Floor Safety Institute's (NFSI) National Floor Safety Institute's (NFSI) mission to respond to the need to educate consumers to mitigate the impact of falling and to respond to the perception of the need for this norm to curb the increasing number of slip and fall due to lack of understanding of the use of mats and runners in commercial facilities.

NFSI B101 Main Standards Committee, nationally in the area of application, which works according to the procedure of the American Standards Institute with the NFSI as ANSI Accredited Standards Developer and includes representative of the most important floor covering producers. Since the number of complaints relating to floor mats continues to exist, this ground-breaking new norm has established the industrial standards of grooming for the correct use, servicing and inspection of entrance mats and will have a dramatic impact on the way property owner must now service, test and choose entrance mats.

Important parts of the norm contain concepts related to entry mats such as kinks, rolls, tears, all of which are definitions as they are applied to entry mats, as well as the various kinds of mats, comprising squeegee mats, squeegee mats, squeegee mats, squeegee mats, deep well mats, and lesser-known kinds of mats such as floor grids and tyre slabs.

Paragraph 3 of the norm deals with the backs of mats and their capacity to avoid movements when they are placed on the ground. The mats are advised to have "high friction backing" which refers to the NFSI 101-C test method for measuring the dry TCOF of floor mats backing materials, which is currently the only internationally recognised norm for measuring the anti-slip properties of the backing of a floor mats.

Matting that is not equipped with a highly attractive back is more susceptible to motion, which in turn can heighten the risks of migrating, wrinkling and crimping, contributing to slipping, tripping and falling. More and more producers of mattresses have applied for NFSI certifications for their product.

NFSI rated "High Traction" mats give the operator the confidence that the back of the mats offer the highest skid protection. Paragraph 5 of the norm deals with the correct choice of mats in terms of their location and use, and defines four different areas, among which are

Outside a facility, the mats should be either a sunken mats, a stripper, or a stripping mats, which can either be loosely fitted or firmly fitted with a sunken corrugated mat/foot grid. It is also important to bear in mind that the norm states that a choice of mats for indoor venues is made on the basis of the use of outside mats and that if a wiping mats is used outside, the wiping mats in the lobby must be a wiping or wiping mats.

If, however, a scraping mats is not used outside, the anteroom mats must be either a scraping or a wiping scraping. If an outdoor squeegee is used, the interior pad must be a squeegee or squeegee. If no mats are used outside, the inner mats must be both mats and wiping mats the second mats at the door.

NFSI has released a number of test methodologies that allow owners to test their flooring to make sure it is suitable for use with floor mats. There are many landslides and falls that happen as a consequence of surf boarding over a damp floor, so it is important to make sure that the floor under the floor pad is clear and sober.

A recent Windsor Company white paper says a standard 6-foot entry screen removes only 40 per cent of the floor and humidity, and it needs about 36 ft of mats to eliminate 99 per cent of the floor and humidity. Amount of mats removing the floor is not statical or fixated.

Using bigger mats whenever possible reduces the probability of migrating the mats due to the bigger weight of the bigger mats. Please refer to the National Floor Safety Institutes website for more information or to copy and print.

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