Commercial Grade Carpet Runners

Carpet runners in commercial quality

Our wide range of rubber mats and anti-fatigue skids can significantly improve the safety and running surfaces in your building. Please take your time to look through the above commercial carpet and rubber runners! Standard rubber underlay and hard-wearing rubber edges Decorate your hall with a splash of paint from our wide range of today's skids! Plastic fibres and recycled rubber commercial door mat. An indoor high quality floor mat designed for years of reliable commercial performance.

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When you need commercial ground guides or solid rollers for your operations, we provide a large selection of style, material and functions to suit the most discerning needs. Extensive stock available include commercially available skids and castors ideal for robust, weather-independent exterior use; stylish, sophisticated interior d├ęcors; wet/dry industry enviroments; and high technology, high friction floors to name a few.

Our flexibility allows us to adapt standard runners and roller dimensions to your needs. We supply our goods in a large range of colours. You can also be sure that all our commercial ground guides are engineered for optimum security and easy upkeep. Please do not hesistate to call us if you have any questions about commercial mat runners.

When you can choose a walk-through bottom walker or roller, why do you try to gradually fit a series of foot boards over an expanded area? Combine aesthetics, security, practicality und security with your corridors, platforms and long walkways by adding rails and castors compared to a full-sized set of footpegs.

This is why we have a large range of runners and rollers. Available in a wide range of off-the-shelf and customized sizes and length, our skids/rollers provide the versatility you need to tailor a skid or roller kit to meet your specific needs. Bottom runners or castors offer several benefits over an arrangement of single bottom runners.

Most obviously, a runner/roll offers a non-skid end-to-end finish with a minimal number of corners. A further benefit is the simple aesthetics: a continuously running rotor or roller retains its form, maintains its linear cover and resists rolling and abrasion. Furthermore, runners and castors are easy to curl and manoeuvre during your floor care routines.

Our range of runners and castors is suitable for almost any application: robust, weatherproof exterior use; all-round runners/castors for the passage between interior and exterior use; stylish, flat interior matting; chemically and bacterium proof commercial use; dry/wet industry use; double use for logos and brands; and ornamental applications. We are also proud that many of our runners/rollers are made from green, recyclable material that reduces our landfill input and our CO2 Footprint.

Our commercially available base rails and castors have the same high-quality design, security and dust absorption characteristics as our regular doormats. The skids are made of the best material and guarantee a long service time. Designed to effectively absorb dust and humidity from the pedestrian and bicycle surfaces and quickly move them away from the work area.

Available for advice at any time, we are happy to help you select a range of runners and castors to meet your unique needs and facilities.

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