Commercial Grade Rubber Flooring

Rubber floor coverings suitable for commercial use

Gum floors have everything. Lots of flooring options to choose from for all settings. Standard rubber floors are more durable than carpets and have a professional appearance. The Rubber Flooring range includes a wide variety of rubber floor mats and mat products used in a wide variety of commercial and residential applications. There are many rubber floor coverings made of recycled rubber.

Robust, simple, inexpensive rubber floor for gyms.

Robust, simple, inexpensive rubber floor for gyms. The rubber flooring for our gyms is made of rubber band. You know that tires are made from a high-density rubber that can resist high speeds in corners, strong accelerations and abrupt brakes, to name a few. With our recyclable rubber gymnastics flooring, you can resist the rigors of all your gyms and workouts while preserving your current flooring and strength machines.

This is the perfect flooring for your home: In contrast to conventional 1m x 1m sloped gym tiles, our gym tiles offer more color for a pro look and feel compared to the bigger pro gym tiles. Rubber tiles are simpler to use, ultra low odour and have more color for a more vivid look and feeling.

Featuring several colour choices, these tile designs easily match any d├ęcor or style of your company's clubs. Rubber gym tile can be easily installed if your room capacity changes at any given moment. If you are expanding or expanding, just tile as you expand. Available in four basic shades - plain black, black with blue spots, black with red spots and black with white spots.

Manufactured from high quality recycle rubber and colored rubber granulate.

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A good rubber flooring is a must for training. It is your option for an environmental grade, homogeneous EPDM/recycled EPDM flooring for areas with high stress and strain. ECOLOGICALLY FRIENDLESS ecologically friendless - contains a high proportion of rubber that has been recycling and contains no harmful materials. It can be fully recyclable and produces no poisonous materials at the end of its service lifes.

MARKET ANTILOGATION - contains a bacterial control that guarantees constant refreshment and lowers the risks of molds.


Here you will find important documents for LEED, LBC, WELL, GreenGlobes Rating Systems, Federal Standards and more. Explore the latest commercial installation at Eastman Chemical Company in Kingsport, TN. Browse all available case histories and see our floor coverings in actual business premises from health care to schooling. Wherever lasting flooring not only works.

Here you will find important documents for LEED, LBC, WELL, GreenGlobes Rating Systems, Federal Standards and more. Send in your projects and let the Designers on Demand staff design individual renovations for you. Please come and see our Tandus Centiva product in a room environment with our Tandus Views Viewer. If you are looking for flooring specifically designed for living areas, please consult our living room website, where you can find flooring for every room.

To provide a complete flooring solutions, we provide a complete range of flooring solutions that can be readily matched to each other. Gum floors have everything. By nature, rubber is slip-resistant and shock-absorbing. Rubber is low-maintenance and long-lasting enough to function for tens of years. It is available in a wide range of colours, designs and finishes.

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