Commercial Grade Rugs

Standard carpets

High quality carpets compared to commercial antique carpets. The Waterhog mats have a surface made of highly elastic polypropylene fibres and are backed with non-slip commercial rubber. Please click here to see the Commercial Grade brand. You can use our commercially available dry carpet mix to clean nylon, wool and dirt-repellent carpets. Carpets Couristan in Farmingdale, NY.

History - The carpet collection

Carpet collections now range from uniquely handcrafted Australia carpet styles to a range of pieces designed for stylish and comfortable living. From New Zealand wools, blend of woollen fibres and artificial silk to high quality leather, furnishing and finishing products, we rely on fair trade practice and high quality material. We have a close working relationship with skilled craftsmen who have been dyeing yarn for generation and professionally interweaving hand-made carpets.

No carpet is the same and has its own unmistakable handcrafted quality. Design cooperations are important alliances that enhance the rig and we have had the honor of creating and supporting designs that encourage indigenous culture and supporting Australia's art and design communities. We quickly grew beyond our Hawthorn (Vic) shop and were on our way with a spacious studio in Rosebery (Sydney), where we presented our entire carpet and new TALLIRA range.

It is our pleasure to inform you that our much bigger open room has been renovated to present ALL carpet and furnishing collection so that our Melbourne retail customers have a one-stop designer goal to find and explore customer product. Our Melbourne Warehouse has an ample inventory of ready-to-ship goods in Australia and around the world.

Carpets & Carpets Supplier, Perth & Melbourne

At Artisan Rugs, we offer top of the range rugs and rugs for the ultimate home styling and luxurious experience. Perth Home and Home Renters depend on our expert sales staff to help you choose the right floor for you. Artisan Rugs, as a premier industrial designers carpeting shop in Perth, aims to preserve its irreproachable credentials by providing a large selection of wall-to-wall rugs designed to suit every type of styling and preference.

First and foremost, this is due to the extraordinary effort of Renee Stepanovski, our designer and color advisor, who is travelling through Melbourne to procure and supply high qualitiy, good value carpets. With our gifted engineering department and skilled employees, it's easy for us to give you our warranty of the best flooring in Perth.

Only the best rugs are produced in Melbourne and throughout Australia. Since 1980 in the business, over the years we have built a strong renown as a specialist in the manufacture of rugs for houses and offices in Perth and Melbourne. Offering a wide range of fabrics, dimensions, weight and pattern to meet the style and needs of all customers, your included.

In Perth and Melbourne we also create carpets for living, business and hotels. Be it Shagpile or open-air carpets, something alive to freshen up a surface, stylish items for lobbies or children's carpets, we have what you're looking for. Furthermore, our tailor-made rug designers are pleased to create one according to your wishes.

In order to facilitate your selection of carpets in Perth, we have set up a simple purchasing system. If you know what you want but are not sure about the look, or if you want a design mat but have no clue where to begin, we are here to help.

Our ultra-modern in-house in-house designs and first-class rug builders enable us to create modern, individual rugs and rugs according to your wishes and needs. We make you a customized rug that will be the jealousy of your relatives and acquaintances. Our entire range of high-quality rugs and rugs is available and we strive to provide something to fit every budget and every taste.

Our production is suitable for almost all households and bureaus. We can provide you with a range of one-of-a-kind items from giant villas to quaint houses, small bureaus to whole hotel complexes, all of which are high value and accessible. Perth Home and Home Renters depend on our carpets dealers and our seasoned staff to help you choose the right carpets.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will help you select a design carpeting or tapestry that best fits your needs and your household budgets.

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