Commercial Kitchen Floor Mats

Industrial kitchen mats

Rubber mats offer you, your employees and your customers numerous advantages, whether in the kitchen, in the washroom, in corridors or at entrances. Kitchen rubber mats should be the basis of every restaurant! Industrial kitchen mats help to reduce fatigue and improve the comfort of your employees. Our low prices for kitchen floor mats, carpet entrance mats, anti-fatigue mats and rubber floor mats for safe floors in your commercial kitchen. Mat, Inc.

offers a range of mats and matting used in the hospitality and fast food industries for entrances, kitchens and bar areas.


Executives in catering companies are all aware of the importance of anti-slip mats and general mats. Occupational injuries are expensive, but can be prevented by suitable anti-slip mats. More than 80 of our product line include anti-fatigue mats for damp areas, ideally suited for cooking, washing station and other damp areas.

Unfatigue-resistant finishes reduce injury and keep workers healthy by improving portability and boosting worker productivity. What's more, anti-fatigue finishes reduce injury and keep workers healthier by increasing mobility and productivity. Ideal for large establishments such as eateries and hotel rooms. For many companies, these can be an ideal replacement for blankets. As we are currently looking for distribution partners, dealers of foodservice related product and devices who are interested in expanding their plants with industry mats should get in touch with us.

With our professional personnel we can help you with all your security needs in the field of institutions and gastronomy. When you are not sure what type of flooring your establishment needs, please call our retail personnel at (02) 9682 1999. We can show you exactly what type of industry mats suits your needs.

Industrial kitchen mats for a safe non-slip surface

It will take a few and a half weeks and your legs already start to pain from sitting on your new china tiles, for which you have spend a thousand - it looks like a million dollars, but right now it's like a bedside of blades at your feet. What you're looking at is a new china floor covering, a new china floor covering, a new china floor covering, a new china floor covering, a new china floor covering, a new china floor covering, a new porcelain floor covering. Who' gonna rescue your legs?

You can see that kitchen mats are made to offer convenience when you need to be on your legs for long stretches of use. At home or in a five-star inner-city cafeteria, a high-quality kitchen mats is a life saver for cooks all over the you.

There are kitchen mats in all forms and dimensions for commercial and private use. Industrial mats are usually microporous and contain nitrogen caoutchouc (a specific), which is able to withstand the oil found in commercial catering mats. The mats are also very non-slip, which is a must when walking around a crowded kitchen with the largest, hottest butcher's knives in the club.

Kitchen living mats are more stylish and sturdier in design. Rather designed for convenience, they are nevertheless non-slip, oil and chemical resistent. Usually smaller than standard mats, they are available in different dimensions to meet your needs. Industrial canteens are the most frequent place where you will see any type of kitchen mats.

This is mainly because the cooks are spending a great deal of our lives on their legs. Not only their hand is important to them, but also their foot, so that they can do what they do: prepare tasty meals! This is why kitchen mats are indispensable to get any pub or eatery up and running.

These mats not only help to relieve the chef's foot pressure, but also offer a non-slip floor finish on which he can move. It is indispensable and is a legal requirement for most eateries to be in-store. These types of kitchen mats are usually only available in two colours: either dark or dark and in several different heights.

Why then only two colours? These mats are made of synthetic rubbers, which are usually only fat stable, while they are made of synthetic rubbers, which are fat stable. Fat is a big problem in canteen cooking as it is typical everywhere and can cause mat damages. The installation of our commercial kitchen mats is very easy.

While some of our mats can be combined with other mats to make bigger mats, others are just plain mats. One example of a square trimmed pad is our Safety Step. The mats are easily cleaned with a tube and a gentle detergent containing detergent and detergent.

If you think of kitchen mats at home, most folks think of the inexpensive, thin carpets that contain some sweet sayings like "welcome home" or "cook at work" with a beautiful image. Whilst these kitchen mats are beautiful, they are not the kind of kitchen mats that offer you the relaxation you would like.

Kitchen mats are thick and cuddly anti-fatigue mats that give your foot and leg a rest as you work your way over the hob or washbasin. The majority of home kitchen mats are filled with either foams or gels and are covered with a protective cover of gum to help prevent slipping and staining.

The most frequently purchased anti-fatigue mats are expanded mats. Usually they are less expensive and very simple to manufacture as foams are readily available. Well, think about it, there' froth all over our life. There' foams in your cars, in your sofa, in your cushions. You' d think we were living in a big bubble shower then!

This matting offers superior anti-fatigue characteristics and offers superior levels of convenience and protection. These mats help to increase blood flow and absorb the strain of sitting. Gelmats are a newer type of anti-fatigue mat and have recently become very well-loved. If you plan to stay for a longer period of your life, gels are great because they adapt to your foot to ensure adequate cushioning and soothing.

The mats are still solid and are ideal for use in hard surface areas such as kitchen tiles and stones.

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