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Industrial kitchen mats

There are also mats that can be joined together so you can create a large restaurant floor mat that covers an entire kitchen floor. Kitchen rubber mats are used as drainage mats for commercial kitchens where traction and drainage are critical. Industrial kitchen mats have been developed for restaurants and canteen kitchens where comfort, traction and drainage are paramount. Take a look at our inventory and find the best selection of kitchen floor mats for your business. Only the best commercial kitchen mats on the market!


All too often they sell blankets in a kitchen that is far from the specifications that are indispensable if the blankets are to hold in the tough surroundings of a kitchen. Part of this is the ground and the mats. Furthermore, there are unavoidable burials in every kitchen that aggravate the situation.

Unless the blankets are made of a substance that is resistant to oil and grease, they degrade very quickly. Usual (natural) elastic mats belong to this group. Indeed, even without oil, common mats begin to oxidize very quickly, which is often reflected in the curing, cracking and crumbbling of the mats.

Our solution is to use mats made of a high proportion of nitrogen rubbers. A higher proportion of nitrogen in the blanket increases the service time. Mats made of Nitril with a high content of Nitril are available in our assortment. Our products are based on our own high quality Nitril material.

Whilst the very high level of nitrogen in the Soft n Safety Pad is the best response in the kitchen and comes with a 5-year guarantee against fat degradation, even the Soft n Safety Pad is far more durable than normal mats. Sadly, there are producers of mats who say that they offer nitrogen latex mats when the proportion is very low and the latex is practically an everyday latex mats with the characteristics of an everyday latex mats.

Citrile is a more costly product than conventional rubbers and the highly stressed citrile matt therefore tends to be more costly. But if a high-quality, latex floor mats has a lifespan of five to eight fold as long as another inexpensive floor mats, the cost should be slightly higher than the available inexpensive floor mats, but at the same good value for your investment!

The Soft n Safety Mats have large drain openings that are lifted off the ground to provide superior draining and are smooth and elastic to provide extra fine leg detail.

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