Commercial Logo Mats

Logo commercial mats

Manufactured from commercially available materials and using the latest manufacturing technology, our logo floor carpets are durable and offer amazing performance while maintaining an attractive appearance. Whether indoors or outdoors, our logo entrance mats effectively advertise your company. They are ideal for all heavily frequented outdoor entrance areas where weather resistance plays a role. High quality moulded rubber treads of these mats aggressively scratch the shoes from dirt and impurities and hold them to the floor of the mat. Find out more about the options of your logo mat:.

Entrance mats in commercial quality - indoor and outdoor areas

The standard commercial entry mats are ideally suited for all highly frequented outside entrances where atmospheric conditions play a role. High quality moulded treads of these mats aggressively scratch the footwear from debris and impurities and hold it to the bottom of the mats. Powerful entry mats are the best first steps for any soil management system.

It is a heavy-duty and appealing entry mats, ideal for robust outdoor use in all weathers. The OmniTrac Premium Grade entry mats are made of high grade, long lasting and dirt-repellent poly propylene fibre. We use this stiff fibre to create uniquely matting that combines strength and functionality with flawless imaging. Designed to last through years of robust use in any kind of outdoor use.

The 100% gum structure gives this pad its characteristic "Anything Goes" life. The logo is precisely trimmed from gum and inserted into the blanket. The EcoPlus is the top class commercial entry matting made from ecologically sound materials. The EcoPlus provides improved longevity and longevity. Abraded mezzotint finish with a special needle fleece rug with ultra rough fibres and finish.

Five gallons per sq. metre of clear soda to prevent damp, dirty, dusty and dirty air from getting into your shed. The FloorGuard entrance mats provide floor protection against the hardness of the panels and retain contamination and humidity during use. The 100% elastic underlay offers maximal stability, while the commercially available, needle-punched polypropylene fibre clears footwear of grime and soiling.

Every burr on the FloorGuard is enforced with gum so that the scraper points are stiff enough to resist heavy use. The FloorGuard Diamond entrance mats are the ideal mix of style and longevity. The FloorGuard diamonds provide a one-of-a-kind and appealing surface design, cloth limitations and a selection of 1 or 2 round end cap for ultimate optical attractiveness.

The FloorGuard Diamond mats have a 40% stronger edge than regular floor mats for ultimate strength. It is the most environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly mats ever made. Carpet finish consists of 100% post-consumerET plastic bottle. Full gum coating consists only of used car tyres and thus prevents rubbish from dumping.

Powerful entry mats for every event. The FloorGuard Eco diamonds are made from 99.9% polyester and Post Consumers mats. Offers the same industry-leading benefits as our off-the-shelf FloorGuard mats, but with the added benefits of a dazzling front design, cloth edges and your own selection. The MasterClean brush mats are the ideal outdoor solution.

100% solution-dyed polyamide fibre finish is engineered to aggressively remove harmful debris and humidity from shoe soles. Free running off the mat surfaces.

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