Commercial Mat Service

Trade mat service

Protect your customers with clean mats. Philly Metro/NJ offers the largest colour range of floor mats in the industry. Make your own individual mat or just rent it! Our mats will make you look good. Pretty is your trusted, NFSI-certified provider of commercial and industrial floor matting services in Minneapolis-St.

Paul & Western WI.

Laundry & Uniform Specialists |Australian Uniform Service

This is the clever way to create an impressive picture. Allow us to take over your uniforms! This is the simplest way to get a cleaner and safer workspace. Re-usable cleaning cloths are the cost-effective way to obtain a cleaner and more sanitary workstation. From mats to uniforms, towels and bath towels, Australia' uniforms service has everything you need.

With a personalised service and a tailor-made service pack for each company, Australia Uniform Service's service will enhance your company's reputation in a cost-effective way. Get in touch today to find out how we can help. Australia Uniform Service recognises that corporate identity is critical to your success.

We can design our product to professionally reflect your brands.

Industrial floor coverings Service

Companies and individual persons outside our service areas can continue to purchase our comprehensive range of commercial mats and floor coverings through our on-line shops. Our aim is to supply companies with rent solutions that make their real estate look cleaner, safer and more professionally. Not only do our hire solutions affect your customers and prospects.

Creating a cleaner, more convenient and safer enviroment for every member of your organisation, increasing your company's focus on morale and efficiency. With our letting service we produce 2 exact version of each qualified mat. Remove the first kit of doormats and replace it with the second kit long before dust, deposits and excess humidity become dangerous and unattractive.

Doormats are thoroughly washed to eliminate debris, humidity and other residues that are normally left behind during on-site mating. The washing service removes the need for regular servicing and at the same time ensures that the systems look secure and professionally. Laundry service is only available in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia.

Because of the technical equipment, not all doormats are suitable for our hire and washing service. The large size mopps are perfect for use in school, gym, offices and other areas with large areas that require frequent maintenance. Laying carpets demands a certain amount of professionalism. In order to provide a secure and secure working atmosphere, the areas must be seamlessly designed with great care and detail.

In our service area we gladly offer companies sample products, consulting and installations.

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