Commercial Mats and Runners

Industrial mats and running rails

Industrial outdoor mats and runners. In order for commercial carpets and floor runners to perform, they must be properly cleaned and maintained. Industrial floor mats, anti-fatigue mats, entrance floor mats and more. lndustrial mats | Commercial mats. Perhaps you have already seen this type of long rubber mats in front of the entrances or along the side paths of commercial buildings.


There is a dedicated technical sales force available to assist and assist customers throughout Australia. MatTek does not only sells mats - we deliver the solution. MatTek offers the broadest selection of mats. With our logos and ambassador mats you have a good possibility to communicate a brand messaging or a marketingslogan.

We have developed our anti-fatigue mats specifically to help relieve tiredness and back pain due to long standups.

Mats and skids for commercial and industry use in damp areas

Rejuvenated edges, fatigue-free draining mats. From $110.04. High speed, ultraviolet stable and abrasion coloured fibres for a long life matt with outstanding wipe and scrapeability. From $43.21. Excellently suitable for a hard-wearing anti-fatigue matt as well as for a doctor matt. Beginning at $52.30. Offers superior anti-fatigue performance for greater worker convenience and enhanced ergonomic performance.

Beginning at $52.30. Beginning at $488.59. A vinyl loop for superior scrape/spine clearance in this durable, durable, non-absorbent pad perfect for indoor and outdoor use. From $11.95. They are resistant to fat, oils and chemical agents. $52.46. Shaped, one-piece, easily cleaned and hard-wearing. From $45.16. Brushes are highly effective, absorbent, durable and durable.

100 percent pure organic cotton fibre. Beginning at $16.33. Full unnatural Kokosnuss -Kokosfasermatte for stability and function. Beginning at $226.76. Have you ever the feeling that your estate is opposite one of those educated Delfinshows? In addition to annoyance, continuous flow of groundwater can seriously impair the life of your soil and cause an accident.

Floor mats are specifically engineered to retain humidity, be easy to wash, avoid slipping and falling, and help keep your floor waterproof. If you produce practiced Delfin shows, the addition of Mats is a kind of no-brainer. However, if you want to avoid non-attractive pools in front of your plot, you profit from a standard all-weather mats.

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