Commercial Outdoor Mats Rugs

Industrial Outdoor Mats Carpets

A base that is so thin that it goes unnoticed under carpets, but still surpasses all others. Polypropylene is the perfect material for an outdoor carpet as it is able to withstand heavy use, rain and spills easily. Bring a wide selection of best-selling mats in one place. Commercial carpets are durable and long-lasting. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Industrial carpets - Bestseller commercial carpets

High-strength commercial mat surfaces trap shoe dusts and debris, keep doors and interior flooring clear, dry and sheltered. It is available in a variety of eye-catching styles and colours and also comprises WaterHog? mats. The mats are slip-resistant and extremely absorbing and are suitable for numerous interior and exterior use.

Interior mats are the best way to keep your floor free of dust and damp. - Colourful, classical and contemporary design. There are also over 16 interior styles to chose from, among them our best-selling WaterHog mats. Sampled surfaces catch debris that is abraded. - Heavy duty mats are easily washed and quick-drying.

  • Over 10 different fashions, with either traditionally elastic or trendy cloth edges. - Developed with high tensile strength and structured finishes to absorb dust and humidity. - Select a style brushed or 100% gum pad for tougher conditions. The mats were out last year! - The rough finish scratches off aggressive harmful debris and humidity from the shoe sole.
  • Available in 4 ultraviolet colours. 3/8 " lawn weave keeps outdoor for years. - Lots of trendy colours and designs to chose from. Also different degrees of wearing comfort or even naked toes. - Cover the floor covering for every room - mats available in up to 60 foot length! - This is an appealing pad that keeps your floor covering free from dust and damp.
  • 19 colourfast colours. Statically conductive, solution-dyed polyamide fibres have a 10-year warranty on colour losses in the interior. Please help us to provide your business area with an individual logomat. Locate interior and exterior mats that are suited to any working environment. - Logomats keep the same great characteristics as our standard range and give you the liberty to create a truly one-of-a-kind look.
  • This long-lasting logomat can be used both indoors and outdoors. Wafer design finish catches debris and keeps your room cleaner. - Design is made using a uniquely developed method of inlays. Select from 19 colours to have your matt made by a professional at no extra charge.

Combining mats helps to lower labour cost, reduces the amount of effort required for washing and, at the same both, keeps the appearance of your entry in good condition. - Logo choices available to enhance your corporate identity.

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