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Select from a variety of outdoor carpets, fuck carpets, door mats, anti-fatigue mats and more. Carpet Upholstery & Grippers - Utility & Commercial Mats. The carpets are handmade to give you many years of beautiful use. Get the right carpets to help your DIY project. The AAOL range includes a variety of outdoor carpets, patio carpets and room carpets to suit every patio.

Outdoor carpets Dickson - Manufacturer of industrial fabrics

Czech, popular or trendy Dickson carpets now stand out with colourful edges and uniquely new forms and banish forever any notion of a distinction between indoors and out. This carpet is also at home by the swimming pool or in the galley, in the lounge or on the terrace, changes the point of view and opens up new opportunities for personalization and creation.

Whether available in off-the-shelf or custom size, individually or in combinations, in one of the 13 forms of the range or one you create yourself, Dickson carpets are here to overcome the limitations of classic designs. Dickson® carpets are engineered for tough domestic and commercial applications and are manufactured with a technological breakthrough that has been engineered for the most challenging settings such as hotel, restaurant, patio and pools.

Convenient, durable, easy cleanable and rot-proof, they combine the look and feel of textile with the benefits of vinyls. The Dickson® carpet range won the Red Dot Award 2015 for its In & Out carpet series. Awarded to the best product in the field of aesthetics and innovations.

With the Dickson Designer Rugs App you can create Dickson® carpets for indoors or outdoors to simply create them. Select from the 13 forms designed by our designer the centre of the carpet from 14 colours. Featuring a neat fit, 14 Sunbrella plaits, 17 Sunbrella acrylic plaits or 7 Dickson vinyls, you can mix and match colours and plaits to make your choices from among a thousand options.

Dickson® carpets constructed from breakthrough fibre weave combines the exceptional strength of vinyls with the aesthetics and structure of conventional carpets. It is a real technological innovator, created for the most challenging areas of communication such as hotel, office, shop, restaurant, etc. Dickson® carpets are durable, comfortable, low-maintenance and attractive in design.

The Dickson® carpet cover solution is FloorScore Certification. Dickson® floorcoverings, which have been independent audited and approved by the Resilient Floor Belags Institute (RFCI), meet the formal emission standards for VOCs and are recognised as a contribution to good room aeration. In addition, Dickson floor coverings are labelled with the Oeko-Tex 100 which certifies that they contain no poisonous materials and pose no risk to humans, scalp or the enviroment.

Even though the fabric's texture gives the appearance of a certain embossed feature, Dickson®'s unique mounting technique ensures that it is completely watertight, dust proof and stain resistant. Wefts and warps are heat-sealed and mounted on the carrier while still warm to avoid the ingress of debris or fluids between the fibers so that they remain on the fabric to facilitate cleaning.

The Dickson® carpets ensure optimum hygienic working condition. Anti-bacterial and resistant to house dustmites, moulds and fungi, the waterproof finish facilitates cleansing and avoids the removal of spots such as dirt, fruits preserves, wines, coffee, etc. Inside, periodic washing is carried out with a single hoover, a rubbing bristle and hot washing agent; outside, it is easier to wash with a flexible tube or high-pressure jet (max: 60 bar) combined with a bristle-effect.

The Dickson® carpet is developed to prevent staining by not taking up liquid and making spilled material fast and simple to scour. Composed of innovative synthetic fibers and united with a high quality back, it is highly durable.

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