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The Commercial plush, also known as the Commercial Cut Pile, is ideal for high traffic areas. Reconditioned stain in patterned low pile Commercial plush carpet! There is a large selection of home and object carpets to choose from! On today's market there are a variety of cuts and patterns for carpets. This includes Berber, Frieze, plush and carpet floors.

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The Commercial plush, also known as the Commercial Cut Pile, is ideal for high-frequented areas. This velvet finishing is very popular with lovers of this look. Every fibre is taken up through the back and then clipped to obtain a beautiful and even surface. There are no limits to the colour of commercial plush items, and we also provide individual dyes with a 700 metre limit for our Velvet Beauty canvas.

Comercial plush can be a plain ink or printing and is available in many fibres to include marine grade fabric and PP. This kind of product is ideal for all types of rooms, church, hotels, office and staircases.

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Viktoria carpet has four different types of carpet. The name of a sling pole carpet derives from the way in which the carpet pole is "slung". Strap rugs provide a selection of sculptural looks. Flat strap rugs have straps of equal length and even look. Structured looping shows a visible design with different height and weight.

Another favourite types of strap carpet are: corduroy, rope and multi-stage strap. The effect is obtained by separating the plates from the straps, which makes sure that they stay straight and create a flat, even area. Plush is usually more exposed to stack reverse or staining. The twisting of the chopped web is similar to the twisting of the chopped web because the upper sides of the straps are taken off to create an even area.

Using tight, narrow lyre twine gives the resulting carpet a clearer, more structured look. Traces of steps, tracks and shadows are minimized by this long-lasting, highly structured styling.

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It is important to ask "What do I want from my carpet?" when selecting a carpet for your home or work. Would you like durability and durability, do you have a busy area, do you have domestic animals, do you have small kids, is important non-allergenic, what is your household budget, do you want plush carpet fabric or durable sling pole.

Woollen carpets have long been known for their inherent resistance to staining, debris and debris. Two or more fiber grades are mixed together in a mixture. In general, it is a synthetical material (such as nylon or polyester) mixed with woollen. Solution Dyed Nylon is the latest carpet manufacturing technique.

Wherever the color of the carpet is embedded in the kernel of each fiber. Gives this kind of carpet excellent spot fastness, extraordinary fading fastness and enormous shelf life. It is a very long lasting artificial fiber with a high spot fastness and is very inexpensive. A further synthetical fiber with very good dirt and dirt-repellent characteristics.

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