Commercial Rubber door Mats

Rubber commercial door mats

Put your emphasis on local presence and make a great first impression with commercially available door mats that protect your store entrances from dirt and moisture while improving traction! Rubber Diamond Grill Mat Door Mats. Wave Dura-Scraper Commercial entrance mat. Rubber mat manufacturer, anti-fatigue mat manufacturer, industrial entrance mat manufacturer in the usa, rubber tile manufacturer, gym flooring manufacturer, rubber floor manufacturer in the usa. Like the name suggests, this mat has a variety of applications as an entrance mat, wiper mat and above all as a natural floor covering for vans and trucks.


Irrespective of the time of year, commercial entrances are areas where an accident is just awaiting to occur. Our rubberized mats are available in a wide range of styles and colours that can be placed indoors to avoid slippage and serious injury throughout the year. Door mats and skids are non-slip, weatherproof and adaptable for commercial entrances in various heights!

All our mats are made of two different materials: carpets and rubber. A lot of mats use rubber because of its strength, skid resistance, tire resistance, comfort and resistance to weathering. Rubber, in its own way, is a kind of miracle product that is very suitable for floor coverings. Entry mats made entirely or partly of rubber offer excellent protective properties in an area hardly found in other mats.

Most of our mats are made of rubber, but some also have a fibre carpeting finish. Carpets are used as surfacing materials in our door mats and skids. Normally the rug coating is on a rubber or synthetic backing. Carpets are used for both function and cosmetics.

Carpets are very convenient for removing mud from shoes and other footwear as the fibres of the fabric can wash out and intercept undesirable external waste from the arriving shoes. Carpets also contribute to the optical aesthetics of an area, as entry mats with carpeted fibres are available in a range of colours and can therefore be used in a wide range of colour combinations.

The rubber entry mats are economical, long-lasting and provide more grip for smooth commercial entryways. Rigid surfaces such as wooden, vinylic and tiled surfaces can be unslippery even in arid environments and cause falls. To avoid landslides on the ground, you can install a standard rubber door mats in every entry or entry area with a high frequency of people.

Rubber surface creates high rubbing effect on humans' skins, e.g. rubber pads. It is this kind of rubbing that keeps a passenger safely, securely and erect on their toes, and minimises the likelihood of an injury.

Indeed, rubber creates even greater rubbing compared to other rubber materials, such as the rubber sole of most shoes. Rubber is therefore an outstanding security matting since persons walking on mats are more likely to wear shoes. The rubber is a special type of rubber because it can retain this non-slip grip even in damp conditions.

Rubber door mats and skids are not the only features that make them an intelligent security option. Rubber has a high co-efficient of rubbing even in damp weather, but another property that makes it great for damp conditions: Since rubber is hydrophobic, it can help inhibit the growth of damaging bacterial by-products such as moulds and powdery mildew. However, it can also help to reduce the risk of mould growth.

Luckily, rubber door mats do not allow the grow of such organisms on them. In addition, many of our door mats and skids are highly weather-resistant, which makes them indispensable in bad wheather. Because many of our commercial door mats are made from recyclable rubber tyres, they have the same all-weather resistance that keeps your tyres moving for millennia despite the barriers Mother Nature can put in their way!

Recyclable rubber not only withstands humidity from rains and downpours, but also hard ultraviolet radiation, which can cause discolouration and tearing in other mats. Because of their ability to withstand weathering and other external factors, our rubber door mats and skids can operate for a long period of times before they need to be changed.

Placed inside or outside, entry mats can complement the aesthetics of a commercial area. Door mats and skids are available in a wide range of designs and texts that can have a subtle effect on a person's first appearance of a company when placed at the front door. Indoors, we provide rug mats with different colour and sample choices so you can select a commercial door mats with the best fit for your company's chosen subject.

Some of the rubber mats we offer for exterior use have a casting look, which gives the area a hint of class. Exterior mats can be bought in a wide range of rollers and plates of any length, making them readily available in many different heights. You can also simply place them at the entry points to any facility.

Buy rubber door mats and skids according to the size of your store entrance and then attach them to any available cement or wooden finish with a single double-sided strip of carpeting.

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