Commercial Rubber Floor Mats

Industrial rubber floor mats

Explore the variety of commercial rubber mat options available to your business! Standard rubber floor mats are ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Why then take the trouble to raise the large sums for a rubber mat for kitchen comfort and safety? Rubber mats in industrial quality for dry and wet areas with many safety features.

Purchase of rubber mats and floor coverings

The security of your employees is of crucial importance. The use of rubber mats in various areas of your company can significantly reduce the risks of accident and injury. Rubber mats offer you, your employees and your clients numerous advantages, whether in the Kitchen, in the Laundry room, in corridors or at entranceways.

Particularly for cooks, a high-quality mat alleviates discomfort, strain and discomfort, improves the ability to concentrate and helps them to concentrate on the job at hand. What's more, the mat also helps to reduce discomfort and reduce the risk of sickness. We offer an assortment of mats and floor coverings from grease-resistant rubber mats to entry mats to keep your employees and clients secure at all times. Our products are available in a wide variety of sizes.

We have a wide selection of entry and arcade mats that are ideal for clients to keep their footwear wiped to keep dust and damp from getting into your event location. Bolero entry mats are engineered to keep your floor cleaner by catching debris before it reaches the site. Ideal for use anywhere from school and health institutions to restaurant and hotel facilities, these non-slip, machine-washable mats are ideal for use in any location.

If you are using a mesh entry mats, you must first make sure that the dirt is scrubbed away with a scrubber. When you have a machine-washable entry mat, placing it in the laundry with a towel can actually help make it more efficient to use. Like the name implies, the anti-fatigue pad works as a hanging device for ankle, knee and hip muscles, reduces the shock of going and helps reduce strain on the muscles.

Health and safety executive says 90% of slipping incidents in government facilities happen on damp ground, so an efficient and high value mats system is an essential part of the security of your employees and clients. Rubber mats such as the Bolero anti-fatigue rubber matt are perfect for use behind grids. Search our full line of rubber floor mats to find the best one for your area.

Mats must be sturdy, secure and easily cleaned. Resistant rubber mats are indispensable in areas where there is a risk of fat spattering on the floor. Fat fastness is important to minimise the risk of cooks and cooking personnel sliding. Explore our entire line of anti-fatigue mats to find the right one for you.

A protection pad also protects the floor from scratching and leaving traces of fallen implements and cooking equipment. Take a look at our complete assortment of rubber mats to get the ideal floor covering for your cuisine.

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