Commercial Rubber Mats

Industrial rubber mats

On-line shopping for doormats & mats from a large selection in the Business, Industry & Science Store. Industrial floor mats help remove dirt and moisture before they get inside and are the most effective way to ensure a safe, non-slip floor covering. Long-lasting anti-fatigue mats set the industry standard for versatility, long-term quality and industrial strength. The rubber flooring offers a unique and versatile approach to commercial flooring from hospitals and schools to gyms and kitchens. Use Waterhog mats, rubber mats and commercial floor mats for less money.


Introducing new, much more complex health and safety legislation has brought anti-fatigue and protective mats to the fore, especially in all workplaces where we work. Employees can no longer constantly be standing and working on firm surfaces and certainly not on firm, cool surfaces.

Now the new electrical insulation pad from mat world shows that this pad fulfils the requirements of the Australia standard. Antimatter mats are an advantage. Longer exposure to harsh surface can cause long-term blood circulation disorders, which include varicose varices, leading to discomfort and aches. Longer stands cause bodily tiredness incl. pains in the foot, leg and back, nape of the back and shoulder. Both in positioning and care of all mats.

Look at the ground itself to make sure that the mats are used in conditions where the ground prevents the mats or the operator from slipping.

Industrial floor mats | Restaurant floor mats

Keep your staff safe from sliding surfaces by buying standard mats! Beverages can be spilt in any crowded galley, storage hall or pub, tapewater can escape from dishwashers and molten ices can form pools of poolware. Using the right meshes from the restaurants will give you a non-slip finish that gives your workmen good grip and reduces accident and injury.

Available in a variety of different dimensions, fabrics and colours, our commercial mats provide an optional solution for almost any business use. Select from anti-fatigue mats for staff on their legs all night or mats to keep the ground from barbells in the workroom.

You will also find restaurants' mats that allow draining as well as mats that offer optimal hygiene for use in health care institutions and grocery stores.

Rolls, tiles or boards

Perfect for hard or easy use, this multi-purpose floor covering can be laid both indoors and outdoors. There are 7 different series of floor coverings available from everybody. Each series has its own individual properties and attributes. Available in a variety of colors, all 7 series offer a wide selection of choices suitable for both modern and historic interior spaces.

There is no wearing surface and all our plastic parts are PVC-free. Alwaysroll floor coverings contain high grade post-consumer and pre-consumer fabrics and leave the doors open for slips to match the greenhouse style, which may be inaccessible to some counterparts.

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