Commercial Rugs

Carpets for commercial use

Carpets have been supplied for reception areas, hotels, lobbies, seats, shopping centres, airports, apartments and price houses. Industrial floor mats are used in entrance areas for both safety and aesthetic reasons. And we have a floor and carpets for every room. Teppichboden is a floor covering of choice for the commercial sector. One Masland Contract Custom Area carpet in your next commercial installation.

Carpets for commercial use

Continuously inspiring by craftmanship and using a variety of uniquely crafted fibers, manufacturing technologies and thousand of lush colors, our carpets are unmatched in appearance and value. Our entire product range is free of children's labor and, as an ongoing Care & Fair campaign, we finance half of a 320 schoolchildren's college each year to help the local communities that help us make our lovely carpets.

Browse our website full of distinctive handmade items and inspirational art gallery's as well as handy information for your relaxation.

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Cadry's Contract is pleased to inform you that one of the world's leading innovators in the field of textile floors, the textile industry in Europe..... Cadry's Contract is pleased to inform you that you are the Henzel Studio's sole point of reference in Australia and New Zealand........ Cadry's Contract has partnered with Yo², a leading international designer, to introduce its renowned range of innovative carpets to Australia.......

Carpets area Carpets area Carpets area Carpets area

Centiva' s view of weaved carpets is anything but normal. Subtle weaved carpets give any home decor shelter and luxuries, and since they were designed by Tandus Centiva, the service for which the Tandus Centiva is renowned means great longevity. Tandus Centiva's Area Rugs make it possible to redesign an area again and again so that the room's appearance can be altered at will.

Reflecting changing styles or flavours, these range carpets offer the classical accents that unite all the trendy items that come into the space they have been made. Made with Sketch. Made with Sketch. Pattern of collateral will be provided to show the artwork, but sizes and full texture of products may differ.

Preparation of the building regulations of Australia

There are many things to be worn in the lives of commercial architects. This is based on the Building Code of Australia (BCA), the three-volume directive that sets the minimal requirements for architectural and architectural performance in Australia. The BCA covers all types of buildings, from single-family houses to commercial buildings, and remains the benchmark for industrial use.

For example, there are stringent norms for floor coverings, which must be observed above all with regard to security and availability. The BCA stipulates that for rugs and loosely installed rugs, the nap depth and width should not be more than 11 mm, with a max. back panel width of 4 mm - to facilitate disabled use.

Tappeti Fine Hand-Crafted Rugs + Carpets Managing Director Karinna Gobbo has a lot of expertise in being at the other end of these debates. Speaking as a carpets provider, she states that " Often a designer will assume that when they specify a commercial equipment item that conforms to commercial standards".

What is not an irrational hypothesis one might think - but there are many uncompliant ones on the shelves. Given the responsibilities associated with commerce, it is vital that home decorators use all the instruments and ressources they can. "In specifying our material, we often look for advice from an experienced supplier: anti-skid for tile, friction for fabric and textile, acoustics evaluation with facing materials," says Ali McShane of The Bold Collective.

Karinna makes sure for Tappeti that the entire Tappeti staff is well prepared with the latest industrial standard know-how to support the designer in the best possible way. Furthermore, it makes sure that all specified carpets meet Australia's requirements, from nap depth to assembly, regardless of shape and sizing.

Tappeti's specified Tappeti equipment complies with all commercial specifications unless specified for another use. "Karinna says, "As a provider of commercial and gastronomic facilities, we always make sure that the applications and viability of the final solution are specified properly. "Often we get customers to come back to renovate or refurbish their interior, and it's always fun to discuss an idea and specify customer needs in order to fulfill their commercial needs, no matter how demanding they are".

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