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GROßHANDEL TEPPICHE FÜR GEWERBE AND GASTRONOMIE: Gorgeous Antrim carpets* (made to order or made to measure, hand-woven carpets). Making a bold statement with Proform logo mats and commercial carpets View Navigation. Carpets for sale - Plus competent advice and support. Browse this Nazmiyal resource guide to find out how to distinguish fine quality rugs from commercial, mass-produced antique rugs.

Continuously inspiring by craftmanship and using a variety of uniquely crafted fibers, manufacturing technologies and thousand of lush colors, our carpets are unmatched in appearance and value.

Continuously inspiring by craftmanship and using a variety of uniquely crafted fibers, manufacturing technologies and thousand of lush colors, our carpets are unmatched in appearance and value. Our entire product range is free of children's labor and, as an ongoing Care & Fair campaign, we finance half of a 320 schoolchildren's college each year to help the local communities that help us make our lovely carpets.

Browse our website full of distinctive handmade items and inspirational art gallery's as well as handy information for your relaxation.


Teppichfabrik - Wholesale and retailer rugs & floor coverings! Stock sale from 29 January! The New Year's purchase starts on January 29th. Select from our carpet assortment, which is ranked in the top ten of Australian carpet shops. CARPET SALE NOW!!!!!!!! The Carpet Factory has the biggest carpet show in the area. Featuring tens of thousand carpet styles displayed in 2 large exhibition rooms, we have rugs to fit every pocket and every tastes.

There are also special machine-washable carpets that are ideal for floor protection against dirt and debris. As there are far too many styles to be documented on our website, we recommend that you pay a tour of our shop to see the full carpet palette in our shop. The Carpet Factory has the largest and most diverse carpet collections you will probably see in our area.

Time and again our clients remind us that our assortment is really impressing. Featuring everything from inexpensive and mid-range carpets to unique Persian and Eastern silk, our 2 giant carpet galeries are sure to have a blanket for practically every need and decoration type..... 100 percent machine-washable carpets - contemporary carpets - classic carpets - Persian carpets - hand-knotted carpets - woollen carpets - hairy carpets - textured carpets - design carpets and more....

Classical carpets with subtile sound. This and many others are now in stock. Morrocan designer rugs are easily cleaned. In addition, the classical décor fits both contemporary and historical decorations. Four x 3. 4m - these and many more are in stock...................................................... Savings of 50% on the stated prices of our 1.6 x 2.3m holiday home flatweaves.

This voucher is valid for approx. 40* carpets offered. With this voucher you can receive 50% of our prices for carpets on our wickerwork and our carpet stands for carpets in spring. There are no tags on this product in the shop, so please make sure to bring this voucher up or print this page to qualify for this great deal.

Completely machine-washable non-slip carpets now available from Carpet Factory. A non-penetrating, non-slip backing that will protect and seal your floor from fluids and dirt. Mashable or just spray after spilling to keep these carpets looking like new and new.

$99 full sized carpets - now in stock! and there are also rugs that can be washed - rubber-backed non-slip - and long-lasting or smooth touch styles. Watch her in the shop at 67 Wollongongong Street Fyshwick Today! in the shop........ Select from our vast selection of carpets in vibrant colors.... simply add to your décor, with tone-in-tone styles.....

Attractive carpets for designers... & contemporary designs to underline any room, large or small. CLICK HERE" To request a quotation, here is just an excerpt from the wide selection of multicoloured carpets available in our vast carpet library. These structured, handmade carpets with their brilliantly shiny finish and super-soft touch provide even more vitality.

This and many more stores are available in the shop. Superb new series of striped chevrons and vintage tile finishes on offer. This new designer carpet is the ideal protective cover for tile and wood flooring. And many more in stock.... They are very long-lasting and easy to clean. They look great in our shop with nice details and elaborate patterns.

Images really don't do these carpets justice. Sure. Handmade woollen carpets. Handmade 100% woollen carpets are the ultimative carpet. These handmade carpets give an extravagant feeling in stylishly upholstered texts. Carpet Factory Canberras is the first choise for top carpets at affordable rates, with a carpet for every room and every style.

Elegant, contemporary design.... Farsi, eastern and vernacular fashions..... Contemporary and cutting-edge design..... Handmade color gradients..... Handmade backgrounds & vertebrae..... COMMERCIALLY AVAILABLE!!!!!!!! Tailor-made room carpets that fit your room. Available in 4 facsimile structured looks, these carpets give every home a warm and stylish feel at an exceptionally low cost for such large carpets.

Carpets can be tied and moulded to fit. Featuring over 2000 carpet styles in store and on swivel arms, selecting a blanket from the Carpet Factory "Discount Rug" screen is the simplest way to buy a blanket for your home. Indeed, with two huge rooms with discounted carpets on show and immediately operational, the only problem our clients have to find a carpet to wear is the choice of just one.

"The carpet factory was much less expensive than the other shops and the election was amazing" "I went to the carpet outlets they advertised in the exhibit hall and the Albert Hall, where they claimed to have a sale at half value, and then found out that the carpet factory had some of the same carpets for less than half their rebate price" "By far the best carpet shop in Canberra and less expensive than the shops in Sydney" that were available in the shop..........

Perser carpets and eastern satin hand-knotted carpets are now available in stores. The Carpet Factory offers an exquisite selection of hand-knotted, 100% natural and 100% natural rugs in natural 100% satin, 100% natural and 100% natural woollen yarn. Centuries of work have gone into making the most luxury, fine woven true Eastern and Persian carpets in the worlds.

The Carpet Factory's assortment of Eastern silk and Persian carpets is available for in-store use. These are just a small selection of what we have in stock. There are also several hundred other hand-knotted and crafted carpets. Handknotted, tufted and hitched woollen carpets in the Carpet Factory's carpet assortment.

Exclusively made for Carpet Factory, this carpet is made from the highest quality car playing blankets on the shelves. You can also visit our shop at 67 Fyshwick Wollongong Street. Available only from Carpet Factory. Be sure to check the measurement of the surface area for your carpet, as certain styles are only available in some dimensions (see below for a listing of default carpet sizes).

Usually it is possible for there to be a fit between conventional rugs and both contemporary and conventional home decorations, but very contemporary rugs are usually more suitable for a contemporary decor and may look inappropriate in a room with an ancient or very traditional look. A few carpets are slightly bigger or smaller than these heights.

Many other different plus other different dimensions in stock. request one offer "click here" a regular web edge blocking week for skids and carpets is also available. There is a large selection of ready-made carpets and rugs to chose from at your disposal at any time. It also offers the best and least expensive way to prevent carpets from sliding on wooden, tiled or vinylic flooring.

Our carpets are also the perfect anti-slip backing to avoid carpets bundling on the floor. Use our non-slip backing to adhere securely to your carpets and rugs to avoid slippage and bundling. Everyone who has made a journey or fallen from crumpled or misplaced carpets will recognize the importance of a well adjusted carpeting on carpets.

When you are fed up setting and repairing rugs that move and distort on your rugs, Carpet Factory Anti-Slip Carpet Pad is the most dependable and best choice on the web. The Carpet Factory is a local company that has been run by a sole proprietor for over forty years. Carpet Factory does not use high-pressure selling techniques to get you to buy before going to the next city.

Ranging from plain woollen, villous floating carpets to ultra-modern woolen, silk-like budgets and bulky acrylic fibres... handmade Indians and Persians to plain handknotted rugs, Carpet Factory has the right carpet for the right cost for your home. So, why not take your color cards or a sofa cushion with you and find the best blanket for your home in Canberra's largest and best discounted carpet galleries.....

Areas carpets get a great deal of misuse from daily collections of dusts and debris. Grit and mud rub off the piles of carpets and rub off their bases. The best way to raise the level of contamination on the surfaces is to press the vacuums a few metres gently against the rug's web and then change directions gradually.

Replace the carpets once every six month if the carpets are in a busy room. Silicon is particularly susceptible to the sun's rays. Don't dry-clean your carpets, except for those made of satin, and don't use bleaching agents. Woollen - Avoid excess movement and warmth, but generally woollen fibres can be cleansed with most cleansing techniques.

Woollen should be cleansed with mild detergent (wool mixing detergent) and quickly cured. Take particular precautions with home laundry detergent because bleach and other alkali based agents such as bath cleaner can cause easy wear to wools. Seide - should be cleansed after a chemical cleansing procedure. Contact a carpet cleaner for more information on how to clean your carpets with screenings.

You can see them at the shop at 67 Wollongong Street Fyshwick Today! In our warehouse, please inform yourself about the actual stock and the exact colors.... 1000's MORE STYLES INSTORE!!!!!!!!! To see our complete assortment please go to the Carpet Factory.

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