Commercial Rugs with Company Logo

Carpets with company logo

Lengths and widths can be adapted to your commercial office space. Advertise your company directly at the door, with logos or designs. As soon as you have placed your online order, send us an email with the specifications of your logo:. Doormats Logo for companies. Our mats are all designed for commercial use.

Doormats Logo for companies. Industrial doormats with logo

This carpet logo mats are produced on our state-of-the-art computer printer, which is able to produce practically limitless colours, very small characters and colour expressions. This is a great blend of state-of-the-art digitally printed products at a very competitive cost. The Premium Inlay logo mats are made of high-quality, long-lasting and dirt-repellent Polypropylen fibres.

The Premium Inlay Logo Blankets are one-of-a-kind blankets that offer long life and functionality with perfect visualization. They can also be individually tailored, in most sizes, both large and small. The logo pads are manufactured using a handmade technique in which your logo designs are meticulously applied to the sling pad.

Individual logo and vinyl matting is a good way to enhance the corporate identity of your company. Easily cleaned, vacuumed, shaken or rinsed with a tube and left to drip. Excellent ageing and harsh use characteristics make it ideal for interior and exterior use. The Premium Scraper Logo Mat is specifically engineered to withstand the harsh use and wastage of heavy duty travel and poor visibility over long periods thanks to its heavy duty elasticity.

Internal and external durability, thanks to the overall structure made of natural latex. The Premium Waterhog Logo floor mats are produced using a proprietary, high grade insertion technique, which means that this floor mats is specifically designed to be trimmed from different colours of carpets to achieve the highest level of detail resolution to keep your logo clear and legible.

The carpet is then assembled and glued with a backing of gum to guarantee the highest possible level of craftsmanship. Breathtaking yet essential, it is perfect for a bar as it keeps your bottom from being touched by fresh air and will also show your logo to enhance your branding. It is an outstanding logo foot matt that gives you the opportunity to present your logo in a beautifully imprinted way.

Featuring the same great features as the Seahog logo pads, it absorbs a lot of moisture and scratches off debris from the floor of your footwear thanks to its uniquely waffled finishes. Stamped embossed Logomats can be used indoors and outdoors and are available in 18 beautifully coloured colours.

There is a large selection of different commercial entry matting with logo, as well as logo matting and customised commercial doormats.

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