Commercial Runner Mats

Industrial running mats

We offer stairs and doormats at special prices. There are a number of commercial, residential and safety steps and doormats available. Perforated rubber mats and runners of all types for use in gastronomy.


There is a dedicated technical sales force available to assist and assist customers throughout Australia. MatTek does not only sells mats - we deliver the solution. MatTek offers the broadest selection of mats. With our logos and ambassador mats you have a good possibility to communicate a brand messaging or a marketingslogan.

We have developed our anti-fatigue mats specifically to help relieve tiredness and back pain due to long standups.

Cleaning industrial/commercial mats

DailyInterior mats are manufactured with either marine grade or non marine grade finishes to remove dirt, dusts and humidity from footwear. These are most efficient when used in combination with powerful mats. You should be sucked every day with a clean suction cup, either clean or clean. If necessary, the inner mats should be cleansed and/or selectively cleansed with a mild detergent, followed by flushing.

Should the mats become too damp during the washing procedure, they should be left to thoroughly wipe before re-commissioning. Nylons need a longer curing time and should be placed so that they can flow off during the curing time. Thorough CleaningInside mats can be deeply cleansed using any of the methods used for carpet applications.

When using a diluent to clean off oily, greasy, or rubbery stains, thoroughly flush the diluent from the pad before allowing it to drip for recommissioning. Preparing the ground Before putting the pad back into operation, it is advisable to clean the ground on which the pad is laid of debris and stains.

It allows the mats to grasp the ground more efficiently and reduces the motion of the carpet during use. What time should the carpet be washed? Every day or according to use. ΓΆΒΆ Improper washing, manipulation, folding or use of commercial dish washers to clean mats will reduce the anticipated service time of the mats and may invalidate the guarantee.

Everyday cleaning Anti-fatigue mats should be swept or brushed every day to sweep away dirt and dirt. This contamination can lead to excess abrasion on the mats' surfaces and reduces their service time. Underneath the mats, the floor should also be kept as neat and sober as possible to keep the bottom of the mats protected and to prevent the mats from moving.

Regular cleaning Anti-fatigue mats should be periodically rinsed with water-based detergents to eliminate fat and oily residues if necessary. Detergents that are powerful enough to eliminate greases and other food-related fluids must be used. Studies have shown that even grease-resistant rubbers can be affected by fat and oily substances if the fat and oily substances stay in touch with the mats for a longer period of use.

It is recommended to clean the product thoroughly at least once a week to prevent longer exposure of fat to the mats. DailyExterior Sweep/Brush mats should be cleansed of dust and deposits every day by either brushing or vibrating the mats. Regular maintenance Regular maintenance of the outer mats can be carried out by high-pressure or with a flexible tube.

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