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Delivery of custom-made printed security and entrance mats to shops and schools of hotels. Designed to withstand heavy traffic and melt snow and ice on contact, our rugged snow melting mats keep your employees and customers safe. Industrial floor mats are used in numerous applications to ensure proper traction and fatigue resistance for people walking or standing in certain areas. The industry - non-slip and safe materials for workspaces. At Prudential we supply high-quality bilingual safety mats.

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Using safety mats around your event location is important for both your employees and your clients. It also offers enhanced skid resistance, ideal for cooking and preparing areas to help prevent the chance of stumbling and falling. Entry mats prevent dust and damp from getting into your home, reducing your costs for carpet maintenance and ensuring that your carpet stays fresh longer.

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We offer a comprehensive but not restricted portfolio of products: Safety, anti-fatigue, Ute, Horsefloat, entrance and logo mat. Copyrights Policy:© 2011 Allmatting solutions. Copyrights to the contents of the website remain with the Gallery and other rights holders as stated. In order to see a large selection of mats, please move the mouse pointer over the top of the page or take a look at the e-catalogue.

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EcoGuard entrance mats are the most environmentally compatible mats in the word. EcoGuard entrance mats provide superior soil conservation and keep landfill sites free of wastes. Experience it up person with our individual mats. Sometimes we realize that you need to move and move our mats before you make a choice.

Gladly we send you patterns and patterns to help you on your way to choosing the right mats for your use.

There are 5 main advantages to using industrial mats

Even though they are not noticeable amidst the many machines and plants, mats are among the most important installation in any commercial or industry area. Mats contribute to priceless functionality at manufacturing locations, from optimising employee productiveness to improving occupational safety. As a rule, industry mats are categorised according to their specific characteristics, which usually match their use.

Importantly, most industry mats are available in three versions: basic mats, module plates and mats that can be linked. Though there are many different kinds of industry mats, almost all have the same functionality and have the same advantages. Therefore, when selecting industry mats, you should pay as much attention to your needs as to the costs and overall performance of the mats.

Usually you benefit from the following advantages of a standard industry mats. There are many kinds of industry mats that offer protection against wear in colder weathers. In general, anti-fatigue mats are electric heating mats that deliver heat in rough outdoor use. According to the place of use, anti-fatigue mats are divided into two major categories: damp and damp areas and only damp areas.

Normally, anti-fatigue mats for damp and damp areas are produced as a fabric without underlay to allow humidity to drain or seep away. Lots of anti-fatigue mats are also non-slip to prevent accidents - they have coarse, non-slip grain finishes for better pull. Even though many anti-fatigue mats have similar characteristics, there are specialized designs that are optimised for functionality in certain sectors.

Specific kinds of mats are available with graphic safety instructions on their surface. These mats, which are sold as logomats, are both esthetically pleasing and functionally in use. Different safety instructions can be affixed to these mats, according to the sector, field of applications and required aesthetics.

Thanks to technical progress, state-of-the-art safety mats are equipped with sophisticated and photographic graphic elements that help to convey safety information in a brilliant and persuasive way. A number of industry mats are engineered to prevent floor ing in manufacturing areas and other industry facilities from being scratched, splintered or stained.

The mats are made of very ductile material and are therefore ideal for use in heavy duty and harsh manufacturing environment. Developed to deliver safety and security in high-risk manufacturing settings, these industry-specific protective mats are one of the most functionally robust mats available. This matting provides safety against particular dangers and work-related dangers.

A kind of industry-specific protective mats is the weld protective mats. The mats are specifically developed to protect the welder from electric shock and ESD (Electrostatic Discharge). Statically conductible mats and electroconductive mats are just some of the ESD mats used in manufacturing. As with all the other above mentioned characteristics, fat, oil as well as chemicals stability is a common property in almost all mats.

Given the natural characteristics of most industries, it is extremely important that many plants are grease, oil and chemicals proof. Likewise, many industry mats have been developed specifically to improve this characteristic.

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