Commercial Square Carpet Tiles

Standard square carpet tiles

Lobby and entrance carpet tiles in commercial quality. What is the number of carpet tiles/vinyl planks per square metre in each box? Wonderful, durable carpet, hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tile, stone and lawn floors. At Interceramic we are one of the world's leading suppliers of ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles for floor and wall applications. The best price for commercial carpet tile fields, daily inventory updates, free shipping.

Immediate online offer (installation included)* for Lithium Square from FDA (Black Moss).

For works under 20 m² please consider that a minimal fee applies. Booking measurement & offer discounts may be valid. For an individual offer please contact us. *Included in the fee is the cost of professionally installed equipment. Pricing is approximate and based on site measurement and quotation. Every order over 125 square meters can be provided with a reduced rate.

For an individual offer please contact us.


TURN THEIR ROOM WITH NEW AUSTRALIAN LIGHTS PLANKS. No matter whether you want to redesign your room in an administrative building, hospitality building, meeting room, education room or commercial area, we can supply you with a carpet tiles to meet your needs. Teppichfliesen offers you an immense variety, they allow creativity and expressiveness and define areas.

They are the leaders in the carpet tiles industry and fulfil the highest requirements of standard and product excellence.

Architectural & Design

Multifunctional and robust, coloured and coloured duet carpet tiles are ideal for designing areas, highlight and functions in businesses, educational institutions or retailing environments. Made from 100% nylon BCF and simple to fit, the Colour Tone and Colour Duet series provides superior dirt and spot protection - ideal for high-frequency use.

Inter's Colour Tone and Colour Duet functions: With trendy colours and textures, supported by the cutting-edge, market-leading EcoSoft technologies, the Colour Tone and Colour Duet series stands for functionality and modern sophistication.

Installing commercial carpet tiles

There are many commercial floor coverings, but there is nothing like carpet tiles. The commercial carpet tiles have been created recently and leave behind old carpets with their usefulness and manageability. It is much simpler to install carpet tiles than to install conventional carpets. Therefore it is preferably used in commercial and even in private areas. A number of rules must be followed when laying commercial carpet tiles.

You can save costs by not using our professionally trained service. It is a simple procedure, but demands accuracy to obtain a perfectly nice soil. Below you will find instructions for laying carpet tiles. Instructions for installing commercial carpets: When purchasing the tiles make sure that the colour and hue you want and all the tiles are the same.

Carpet tiles must be kept at room temperatures in order to get used to them. Never allow the air moisture to drop below 30%, as this can lead to a gap between the tiles. Teppichfliesen can be laid on any wax-free surfaces such as laminated, vinyls or even hard wood.

In the case of a cement subfloor, make sure that the subfloor is correctly waterproofed. Remove any stains of sawdust and debris for a solid carpet finish. To make a checkerboard design, you must rotate each alternative tiles 90º. Measuring the length of each side of the brick and dividing it by 2 to get the center of each brick.

Pick a tiles, take its length and find the center of the tiles. Lay the tiles against the walls so that the centre of the walls is exactly where the centre of the tiles is. Select the two ends of the tiles that contact the walls.

From now on sketch a line from one side to the other where you have selected the ends of the tiles. Put a flagstone in the middle where all the contours converge and create a room for the flagstone. It will be your point of departure from which you can begin to lay your tiles.

Insert the first line of tiles without glue so that you can adapt the ends of the tiles. When the last tiles meet the walls, they must have the same length as the tiles on the opposite one. When the tiles have a self-adhesive backing, peele and glue them.

Otherwise, you can coat part of the ground with a roll of glue and glue the tiles gently onto it. We recommend that you first place the stones in a square to facilitate movement. In order to work around doorways, ventilation slots or uneven edges, you can use a universal cutter and carpenter's angle to decorate the tiles accordingly.

As soon as you are finished with the whole bottom, use a drying wheel to wrap it over the bottom and make sure all stitches are made. Remove excess adhesive with a moist towel and allow the bottom to drip. Leave the ground to stand for 5-7 weeks before you allow travel on it.

You' ll love your new carpet!

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