Commercial Throw Rugs

Throw commercial carpets

Give your home a touch of texture with our new range of Jaipur" pillows and throws. Öopenspace offers a personal commercial service to all our trade customers and offers Tier-Project prices to all our industry colleagues and professionals. Stay your bedroom on course with a fabulous layering of throwing carpets, comfortable quilts and bright or interesting scatter cushions! These can be used to suck carpets, upholstered loungers or cars, stairs and work really well for animal hair. Purchase commercial label carpets from yooka.

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Blankets & Litters

  • Mango dark

No matter if you have seasonal furnishings and decorations that keep changing all year round, or the same furnishings all year round, at Black Mango, our promotional covers make it simpler than ever to jazz things up. We have everything from beautiful knitted rugs that are great for snuggling up while you are watching a good film, to eye-catching woven rugs that can be placed over any settee or berth to immediately redesign it.

So put an end to the silence and rummage now in our trend setting throw blanket series. Black Mango has a wide range of throwing covers for almost every furnishing type. Using more neutral colors, our ceilings can be easily combined with bright and deep color patterns and fashions from classic to fashion.

Gray, a narrow crony of the color blacks, can create a slim image when placed over the back of a sofa or even at the end of the table. Two different colours to chose from, in both knitted and web design, allow you to pick the one that best fits your needs.

Are you looking for the ideal throwing cover for your summer theme home? You have come to the right place. This beautiful and luxury ceiling offers the kind of subtile yet classy note that works miracles when combined with light summer décor style. The anthracite throwing ceilings give a wealthy, profound charisma to every room in which they are placed.

This litters are perfect for more dark color patterns and decoration in the cold season. When you are really looking for something else, take a look at our beautiful litterspread. If you don't like knitting and weaving, you probably don't know the differences between the two. Made from a single length of fabric that creates a series of meshing lines, our mesh throwing distances allow more motion and ceiling versatility.

We supply all the properties that are offered by fabrics such as wools and cashmeres, and our throwing rugs are made of acrylics for various purposes. Diving under a ceiling when the temperature drops, or just to provide a comfortable place to unwind, acryl is a hot yet light fabric that gives a pleasantly smooth feeling.

And finally, our acrylics are incredibly low-maintenance. You are the ideal mate for your new throwing quilt. There is nothing that can surpass the classical rocking chairstyle. The only way to make these contemporary creations better is to put a fashionable new throw over your back! With Black Mango you can not only be sure that you get the highest value products thanks to experienced artisans, but also have the advantage of getting your shopping fast.

Australian delivery is usually within 1-2 working days of receipt of your order, so you can look forward to your new throwing rug being shipped directly to your home within 4-7 working days. Please contact us for details.

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