Company Logo door Mats

Logo Door mats

HD Logomat rubber carpet. Standard-Logomat rubber carpets. Indoor plush carpet HD Logomat. Logomat luxury Berber carpet for indoor and outdoor use. Type your own double-sided rubberized HD floor mat.

Individual logo mats - branded, tailor-made entrance door mats

At Unimat we have developed into an experienced and market leader in mats and carpets with more than 30 years of expertise. Unimat, a company with productive and sales capacities in Mexico and the USA, manufactures attractive, highly efficient and high qualitative goods that add value for its clients.

Exceptionally placed to execute client orders with unprecedented efficiencies, precision and rapidity for a broad variety of mats and carpets. At Unimat, we have continually reinvested in people, facility and technology to create an environment that offers excellent response to the needs of an ever-changing market. Our company consists of high quality and skilled employees with comprehensive and immediate experience in the sector, who are looking forward to building a close cooperation with their clients.

Embroidered Logo Mats and Carpets

They are an excellent way to promote your product and service, not only by giving it to your consumers and business associates, but also by presenting a consistent corporate identity when a consumer walks into your area. Logo carpets as well as logo mats are singular and uncommon advertising novelties for potenzielle and esteemed costumers.

They can be distributed at congresses, fairs, exhibitions and congresses and are particularly suitable for companies involved in house renovations, tourism and catering or the automotive world. Saving your merchandising money by ordering free multicolor artwork and prints so you can see what your order will look like before we begin to print.

Made in the USA, our articles are guaranteed for 5 years against currency fluctuations and bleaching. They are made of carpet-like polyamide and have a strong, non-slip backing, making them secure and long-lasting. Turn your company into a concept. Adjusting these elements is easy and inexpensive.

Feel free to talk to our distribution staff if you have any questions or doubts, or just want to place an order. Order now and benefit from dynamic, individual products at budget-friendly rates. It' easier for you to load your work of art, and we also provide a 5-year guarantee against currency and fade.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today to learn more about your possibilities or order some free sample copies to take a close look at our product range. {\pos (192,210)}I really loved our new logo carpet! I' ve received inquiries from other businesses for your contacts, as well as Natural Balance, for which I have seen the evidence and can hardly await to get the logo mate politely from them for our shop.

I' ll always keep an eye on your company when it comes to other marketplaces. Leslie, just for your information, we totally adore our new logo carpet! We received several good reviews and my chefs were more than happy with the deal. Though I was a little afraid because I got excited and just purchased it without someone else's permission, I couldn't have been more satisfied and the fact that the owner liked it was really great.

Normally we don't buy promotional items, but if we ever do, I'll get in touch with you first! Hello Michelle, We got the pad last night and are very happy with it. Only a remark to let you know that the mats today came as you said they would, and they one word...SPECTAR!

The carpets I got last night and I have to say I am very amazed at how they look! Yours sincerely, Hello, we have today our new mats. I' m very happy with it. Thank you, The Logo Mats came back last night! We got our carpets last night, and we couldn't await opening the boxes!

These carpets look great and everyone comments on how beautiful they are! We are very satisfied.

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