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Prices for contract carpets

VERY COMPETITIVE PRICES - EXCLUSIVE BRANDS - LEADING FLOORING EXPERTS. Please click here to request the sales price. Please click here to see our new lower prices! Before we start your commercial carpet project, we will provide you with an estimate of the materials required and exact installation prices. Tuftex carpet in Holly, MI.

Assortments of 25 with 100 styles from £10.99m².

Which carpet will you choose? Which is your most important carpet demand? See how the rugs open in Remland and are suitable for every room. Because we work with the best professionals in the industry, we provide the best product. It is a pleasure for us to work with these different brand names.

Most of them have been working in the floor covering business for almost 100 years. Our confidence is that their expertise will create and create the best rugs for you. As we work with many different brand names, you can now rummage through many different choices. They do not want the rugs to quickly worsen due to the high number of visitors.

That won't be a problem with our product because these rugs are made from the toughest fibers. One of the great advantages is that these rugs are simple to care for. Most of the time you do not need any specific detergents or cleaners. With Remland you can help your company reduce costs with our great prices. With our product range, you can help your company reduce costs through better product and service performance.

What carpet will you order?

Industrial carpets and floor coverings - Matrices

Ranging from health care, educational and catering to retailing and offices, our carpet flooring provides a floor covering for every type of business venture. For something quite different from the traditional squares, all our carpet flooring programmes are available in boards and thin boards. The Feltex Tee series combines shape and good styling and is a diverse carpet series.

The Feltex Tile floor covering solutions are suitable for all industrial applications. Ranging from health care, retailing, schooling, gastronomy and business equipment to something entirely different outside the yard - there is a Feltex tile that fits. Comes in a variety of colors and style. Accessible, robust and long-lasting rugs have additional spot durability and are therefore suitable for high frequency areas, lounge areas, stairs and corridors.

Comes in a variety of colors, because of its durability, polyamide is perfect for households with kids and pet owners. The carpet has been classified as appropriate for use on staircases. Fulfils the Carpet Institute of Australia standards, incorporating power, usability, raw material, manufacture, product responsibility, energy consumption control, GHG emission and VOC control, and fulfils the Green Building Council of Australia's assessment framework.

Try to buy the highest value carpet you can buy so you can continue to appreciate it for years to come. Teppichschutz:

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