Cool Carpet Squares

Coole Carpets Squares

ege carpet tiles are particularly suitable for use in modern office environments. This material is very interesting, almost like a marine carpet. A cool and modern carpet that adds warmth and style to any room with its natural blend of blues and greens. That would look cool with stained concrete flooring! Keeping your room cool and comfortable.

rug tiles for carpets

When carpet is laid, phone, electrical and other underground equipment remains readily available so that these changes can be made. Despite all this versatility, we are sure that you will find exactly what you need in our carpet floor covering range, regardless of specifications and budgets. Carpet floor slabs are engineered and produced with various pole structures to achieve unique esthetic and technical advantages.

Slice & Lose Poker and Slice Poker are characterized by a smart hybrids design that delivers all the ruggedness of a traditional slice of slice vinyl, but with the aesthetic superiority and luxury feeling of a sliced carpetile. The Tessera company proposes a line of slabs with chopped and looped poles suitable for all kinds of industrial use.

Electrostatic FlockElectrostatic FlockElectrostatic Flock is a peculiar manufacturing process in which "charged" fibers are glued into a self-adhesive backing to provide a very tight (over 70 million fibers per m²) and long-lasting flooring. The Tessera range includes beautiful and hard-wearing carpet tufts in a variety of pole designs and finishes that offer special esthetic and technical advantages.

In our Tessera Healthy Indoors survey we have combined several Tessera Tufting assortments into one inspirational survey. To those looking for the ultimate luxuries, our Westbond merger plates provide unmatched grade and color selection with no order size requirements. Westbond's product line of brands and flooring stands for absolute versatility and refinement.

Westbond offers its clients the opportunity to manage the design of luxury, custom-made carpet tile with exceptional weight for the most prestige installation by using yarn to order and manufacture merged top grade tile in a virtually unlimited number of colours with no minimal order size. The Westbond Nature is a uniquely designed range of clean and naturally dyed unbleached wools, a great response to today's environmental needs.

Flotex tile offers you the convenience of a fabric finishing with over 70 million fibers of polyamide per m2, but with the life of an elastic carpet. Not only are our Tessera and Westbond carpet tile products a synonym for excellence, we are also constantly looking for ways to enhance our manufacturing process and construction to make our tile more durable.

50 per cent recovered contentWith the challenge of producing carpet tufts, our Tessera flooring, manufactured in the UK, is now over 50 per cent recovered. 80% reduction in flooring wasteWe use cutting edge ultrasound knives to trim our carpet flooring, which cuts flooring scrap by 80% in comparison to the traditional method. Our new extrusion system provides a self-contained cycle that ensures that the small amount of scrap we produce is returned to the production line.

Instead of for example discarding the ends of yarns, we wind them back and stitch them into our Tessera programme. For those who are looking for something a little bit nearer to Mother Nature, our Westbond Organic series is made from plain coloured wools from seven different British lambs and has up to 74% recycling in the back.

Fast and simple to washOur carpet tile is fast and simple to wash with a system known as Dry Fusion, which uses warmth, some mineral oil and naturally occurring cleaning agents. As Green Design principals, our cutting edge randomly laid carpet tile reduces the adjustment effort to less than 2%. All Tessera fittings scrap can be recycled at our factory near Preston, Lancashire, where it is converted into new carpet tile.

Teppichrecycling UK As a founding member of Carpet UK we also work to make sure that our carpet tile can be either re-used or recovered at the end of its useful lives. Architectural values are a measurement of the proportion of visual and useful lighting reflecting from a solid object when lit by a lighting fixture.

LRV can be combined with a number of choices where the color can be used. A color's LRV indicates the amount of visual lighting that a color reflects. It has a degree of reflection of 0% and will absorb all kind of sunlight. White has a 100% degree of reflection and keeps a house bright and cool.

Color code refers to the color of any given color. Numerical color code, so-called NC notations, such as NC S 1080-Y70R, can be used to accurately describe each color. In 1950, by defining standardized colors in every 10th increment of the color gamut, in order to display the whole color gamut, Nestlé Color System (NCS) has created a new color gamut. The color pattern of each of the notations is optically the same as any other color pattern of the same pattern, be it a standardized color or a color between the 1950 colors.

LRV and NCS color coding are available for all articles in this series. Natural Color System", NCS, was developed to determine the color value, color shade, and color depth of a given colorant. With the NCS Measurement System, colors and color groups can be assigned and distinguished independently of the materials used.

This allows color co-ordinates to be obtained for different aspect of the inside of a construction.

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