Cool Carpet Tiles

Coole carpet tiles

Interface's Cool Carpet range delivers carpets in a climate-neutral way. Manufactured from carpet, carpet tiles are what they sound like: pieces of carpet that are assembled into a finished floor. This is Karen Schmidt showing you a transition from tiles to carpet for an entrance area. It' s the soft, fluffy textiles that make a place your own - with a carpet in your favourite colour or curtains you sew yourself. To install StayLock orange peel tiles over carpet.

Usage + Maintenance

Looking for a raffia carpet for our contemporary sun room in the middle of the 20th c., I didn't want the unfeasibility of real raffia carpet (we have 3 hounds, adolescents and a lot of incoming and outgoing traffic)...the raffia colour is wonderful - works with either hot or cool colours! We will ship your order as soon as possible to be at your home in 7-10 workdays.

Detachable tiles mean you can clean soiled parts and keep the remainder.

Figure carpet tiles

Slide the traditional bottom pattern in a whole new way. The Figura range gives you complete control over form, texture and color to make your floors a truly exceptional adventure with new, interesting and thrilling specials. Bringing together the versatility and ecological value of carpet tiles with imaginative and fun forms in a variety of different fabrics and colors, Figura can provide head-twist styles to suit any space and every need.

Blend size, color and material for intriguing expression with texture and deepness. Be brave with strong contrast or make a subtile, sophisticated atmosphere by using different fabrics in the same shade. Figure opens a new, refreshing space that stimulates creative thinking to re-define floor designs. Figura's range includes 8 moulds in 22 different quality grades.

Colors and fabrics can be used individually or in combinations. Blend tiles and floorboards in different dimensions for your own individual floor solution. Figura forms are designed to allow excellent connections.

Carpet Interface

The Interface® carpet range is engineered to fit your needs. In the 70s, when they launched carpet tiles on the market, it was a quadratic concept in a wide spread universe. Interfaces® rugs are classified as a complimentary product under the Australian Carpet Classification Scheme and backed by Interface's extensive 15 year guarantee.

They are recyclable through their fully functional ReEntry programme. Carpet is delivered carbon neutrally through Interface's Cool Carpet range. Over 60% of Interface carpet tiles use 100% recycle virgin fibres and, according to the backing chosen, the overall recycle rate of our carpet is up to 81%.

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