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Take a look at our cool carpet selection to get the best out of unique or individual handmade pieces from our carpet shops. Buy cool carpets with wheel designs from the best artists in the world. Performa Cool cooling carpets are now available in our FB-Shop! The Custom Cool range creates individual carpets and decorative accessories with the best materials and craftsmanship. With a cool, modern striped carpet, it's easy.

Unique modern carpets

Today's carpet is an indispensable highlight in any home, sleeping or eating room. Up-to-date carpets can help defining the themes and colours of a room, protecting the floor and absorbing the daily commotion. Fitted carpet can help keep your floor from daily abrasion and provide your legs with the comfort of upholstery, not cold hard-wood or tiled surfaces.

Designers area carpets can also bring a refined dash of colour and patterns into your bedrooms or lounge. If you are buying for a blanket, make sure you consider the blanket dimensions (5 x 8 is the most popular blanket), the binding and materials of the blanket, and especially its style.

When you want to add a contemporary look, look for a contemporary carpet with strong textures such as chemron or stripe or abstract design that sets a mark. Your carpet is made of a special kind of fabric, which is the most important thing that affects the feeling, the stability and the price: Contemporary woollen carpets: Woollen is one of the most favourite carpet fabrics because of its smoothness, longevity and spotfastness.

Today's woollen carpets insulate very well in a way that keeps the warmth in your house and the coldness outside. In addition, it is a virgin fabric that you can integrate into your design carpets to isolate and accentuate small rooms in your home. Contemporary cotton carpets: While cotton does not quite have the shelf life and spot fastness of wools, it is very easy to clean and can easily be washed.

Since they are so simple to care for, they are ideal for parts of the house that see a great deal of noise and dirt, such as entrances and bathroom. Contemporary man-made carpets: Often made of polypropylene and other synthetics, rugs are a great choice for interior and exterior use.

State-of-the-art man-made carpets blend the advantages of man-made fibres, such as ease of care and improved spot durability, with the appealing textures and styles found in all our advanced carpets. Trademarks of a present-day carpet are its distinctive design and pattern: State-of-the-art chemron area carpets: It consists of the successive male and female V-pattern and has its origin in uniform.

One of the most beloved carpets is the monochrome carpet of chevrons, but be sure to look at the large selection of colours and fabrics that you can select to give your room a contemporary, elegant ambience. Carpets with stripes: Clear line and minimalistic designs embody contemporary styling, so a striated carpet is a good option for any contemporary home.

Choose a plain two-tone or a more complex, multicoloured, contemporary stripe carpet that is more like a mural. Up-to-date four-pass carpets: Qatrefoil is a sample that is integrated into many contemporary deco cushions, carpets and other fabrics. Note variation on the classic four-pass style (which generally contains bends only), such as the spiky squarefoil style.

The best thing is to select a basic colour scheme and let the fat line of the designs talk for itself. Hopefully this guidebook has given you some useful information about contemporary carpet designs and both practical and stylish carpets to select from.

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