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View our commercial flooring solutions for corporate environments such as offices, conference rooms, cafeterias and more. Enhance your brand awareness and develop a rounded business aesthetic with our vibrant Custom Logo Mats. Rental of commercial floor mats - entrance mats There is no other mat for hire comparable to the service and qualitiy of our high performing Series? mats. Engineered to exceed power through cutting-edge micro-fiber technologies to absorb more debris and moisture.

Antislip and non-microbial mats are stable to oils, waters and greases. Improve your production and decrease employee tiredness - flexible steps anti-fatigue mats.

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With more than 20 years of production expertise we produce mats. Committed to high value material and the latest technologies, we are able to provide high performing mats at unmatched pricing. Synthetic mats for indoor and outdoor use. That makes them more durable than mats for retail. Premium grade Nylons felt mats with non-slip elastic basis.

Ideally for inputs, both in the interior and in the external area. Multi-purpose silk mats. Designed for interior and exterior use on all kinds of entrance areas (shopping centres, hotel, sport centres, businesses...)... Antislip finish and a great draining system to ensure safety in the work area.

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Choosing our range of door mats will add value to the décor of your home while at the same time decreasing your service cost and increasing security. Employees can help you define the sizes and types of mats required for each area of your operation. Your company emblem can be placed on our mats to improve the look of your offices or offices.

All the mats your company needs for an entry or anywhere to check for dusts and grime can be helped. We also have a range of dry and damp cleaning pads to help you keep your place of operations tidy and tidy. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today to place an order for a logomat or a Nassmop for your company.

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We also offer a special service to hire matting to reduce the cost of servicing, avoid slips and falls, increase employee efficiency and keep delicate machinery free of dusts and soiling. The Great Impressions 2.0 entry mats and doormats are fitted with a carpeting for stylish and functional use. The UniScraper® mats use a bidirectional stud design for more efficient mating.

The Comfort First anti-fatigue mats help keep your muscle and joint from the strain of sitting on your floors. The Comfort Plus "wet area" mats use the security technique of humidity transfer to avoid slippage. In order for mats to function correctly, they must be cared for well. Our regular service includes the regular collection of contaminated ground mats for thorough cleansing and their replacement with fully functioning mats.

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