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The Hassan's Carpets is your market leader for high quality oriental luxury carpets in Singapore. The quality of our sapphire carpets, which are now also available in large quantities. Best quality, handmade carpets and rugs. Ashley Furniture's Area Rugs are stylish, high-quality pieces that let you create the ultimate space. Today's business world is a constant development.

Design carpets

Designfabriek Teppiche has a proven track record in the Australia and worldwide carpet markets since 1986 and has built a powerful client and project pipeline to achieve the key values of value, style consistency, original designs and excellent services. We offer exclusively world-renowned collection of Australia based artist and interior decorator.

Additionally, clients looking for ready-made carpets are offered affordably priced and creatively designed collection of hand-made carpets in a range of style, influence and size.

Create your own carpet -

Discover the infinite opportunities of carpet designing with our Custom & Custom Service. With our comprehensive carpet catalog we offer a wide range of inspirations for clients who want to use their creativity. Every single one of our designs can be adapted to your individual needs. Countless options are available - color, form, size can be changed and samples can be scaled up or down - so our staff will accompany you through the entire production for you.

Allow your fantasy to run free and we will use our expert knowledge to turn your designs into a nice, tailor-made carpet. No matter what your idea is, we research the many options of color, technology and materials to help you create and realize your visions. Tailor-made carpets take a while to weeave, but the end product is the Ultimate Deluxe - your personal work of art to preserve forever.

Australia's Number One Carpet Distributor

We are Australia's biggest and most trusted carpet wholesaler for modern, designer, traditional, outdoor and even children's carpets. We are a well-established privately owned company committed to providing you with the very best carpets in the whole wide range of the globe with the most stunning customer service you have ever seen. Would you like to offer your clients the best sold carpets?

Just take a look at some of our carpets below, with a combined stock of over 300,000 available carpets. More than 15 years of experience in the business and a passion for carpets have made us your premier on-line carpet provider in Australia. And Unitex also has the widest selection of in-house carpet collection for every occasion.

More than 30 of our own collection include the trendiest colors, texts and design inspired by the latest seasonals. No matter whether you are looking for a tailor-made handcrafted work of art or a value area, we have everything under control. Our company specialises in modern carpets from big brands such as Brink & Campman and Culture but we also have one of the best carpet collection in the market.

Our carpets vary from the most varied types of tradition, from hand-knotted Persian works to high-quality machine-made carpets from Belgium and Turkey. We' re continually fine-tuning our collection and have duplicated our category over the past year to provide you with the largest and best flooring in the world and to find thrilling new items for the Australia doll house as well.

Our product line includes all common patchwork carpets, hand-made, high-quality tufting carpets, a singular children's carpet series and various machine-made grades.

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