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Sales counter mats are ideal for retail stores, restaurants or any place with a sales counter. Pricing for medium hard surface mats. Look at our selection of floor/counter mats and maximize the impact of your most important sign decorations. Bar advertising delivers targeted marketing. Point-of-sale counter mats are a proven, cost-effective way of targeted marketing at the point of sale and increasing brand awareness.

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Advertising countertops, use countertops and individual countertops raise the profile of your brands and convey your message directly to your customers. Available in a wide selection of forms, dimensions and fabrics to suit every size and use. Featuring a 1 mm non-skid elastic basis and a structured PVC finish, the 1 mm advertising counter mat shows even the smallest details of pictures or design.

This inexpensive 3 mm foam pad has a thickened underside. This ultra-thin, unlaminated mat, which is well suitable for budget-controlled and high-volume advertising campaigns, creates momentum selling at the point of sale. The unlaminated advertising counter mat made of massive Polypropylen is flat with a thickness of approx. 1 mm.

With our advertising counter matting you have the possibility to push a piece of print under the clear mat cover. Combine this with a continuous edge imprint for a multifunctional counter mat. Ideal for use in heavy-duty areas, the heavy-duty counter mat has chamfered corners that can withstand tough use.

It also provides a protecting interface for the pursuit of transactions. This high performance counter mat has a stiff, non-slip basis with an opening on the side of the mat. In this way, short-term advertising campaigns can be changed on a regular basis and stay clearly legible through the clearly structured top side. Enclosed advertising counter mats can wrap your advertising between soft PVC.

Featuring a 1mm PVC based flexible handle, it is a great choice for high volumes and low budgets.

Counter mats display individual labels on your cash register packaging!

This advertising screen is a useful advertising medium for many different sites, among them bank ers, postal services, property agents, quick foods, petrol pumps, hotels hobbies and tourist agents. Developed to record a standalone A3 image (420 x 297 mm) in either vertical or horizontal format, the highly effective advertising gum counter mat is a highly effective advertising medium.

With a 32mm wide monochrome edge around the screen, it fits your personalised image and helps attract your eye with its stylish look. Counterparts use a PVC lense to conceal your work. Replacing your artwork is also straightforward, as the insertion opening on one side makes it easier to replace the artwork in less than a second.

Providing a weatherproof screen that can be used to clean the mat after each layer is a simple job without the risks of damage to the posters. In addition, the non-slip back of the screen fixes the bezel to your worktop. With these cheap advertising items it is very simple to create a merchandising screen for your money packaging, your counter or for advertising in tourist offices and cafés!

Notice: This workplace mat is not designed for use in high-volume retailer or cash register areas where large, packed goods can be pulled over the mat as a routine feature. Designed for use in areas such as banking, quick service and grocery shops. Material: 3mm foam plate, POS labels are the best way to attract customers' interest as they are paying for goods in your company.

Various advertising matting and signage mounts are available to offer the customer everything they need for an efficient advertising screen. You' ll find a choice of hundred different products in a wide range of product catagories, from lightboxes, cafés, booth spaces, exhibit screens, mobile counter tops, iPad racks, billboards, POS signage, easel and more!

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