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Making a carpet

We have developed a way for you to create a carpet in the size you need, in the style you want and with the covering of your choice. A unique and exclusive opportunity to unleash the designer in you. New Create-A-Rug system gives you the opportunity to choose from hundreds of Tigressa carpet styles and create a carpet the size that fits your home. Carpet making is an ancient craft and involves a variety of techniques. The loops condense into a carpet that is so strong that chewing dogs and clawing cats are the only enemy.

Make a blanket with our custom carpet manufacturer.

We have developed a way for you to create a carpet in the sizes you need, in the styles and with the cladding of your choosing. Create your designs on-line. Store your favorites. Explore the inspirational galleries, store your favorites, or even use one of them to launch your own work.

Need to create this great fitting for someone else? You don't know where to begin? Discover the carpets made by their lucky homeowners and use these styles to begin you off with a look you like. Making your carpet has never been easier - enlarge it, make your carpet and we' ll ship it directly to you.

Creating a carpet

From now on, Floor & Home offers a new, individual range of carpets to help you create a range of carpets that match your own personal taste and area. New Create-A-Rug system gives you the opportunity to select from 100's of Tigressa rug designs and create a rug the right fit for your home.

It'?s a straightforward trial. Our ground covering consultant will guide you through the easy selection of the Tigressa rug, the bonding styles and the desired sizes. Every rug is individually trimmed, tied and shipped within 3 to 4 week. Areas carpets are a great way to refine a room with new rigid surfaces, to embellish a room with a tight schedule, or just to give a room some personal touch.

User-defined area carpets are available in rectangular s, fields, skids and curves up to a max. dimension of 24' x 36'.


Carpets were often made in homes until the half of the twentieth centuries, using strange remnants of material on the back of old bagged goods. With thread or stripes of material, work with the punching die from the back of the design. A monk's back is firmly clamped to a framework.

Whenever you cut the pin through the back, it forms a long string on the right side of the carpet. When you then raise the pin, it forms a cycle for you. Those straps condense to a carpet that is so strong that masticating hounds and cat claws are the only foe.

As the name suggests, Proddy carpets are made by pushing or picking stripes of cloth through sackcloth or cloth from the back. Carpets made in this way have many different designations; clipies, proddie, stobbys, engraved, in Northumberland they are referred to as gym and in Scotland they are referred to as lootie mat.

Weaved carpets comprise both shallow carpets (e.g. kilims) and polled carpets[1] The more densely a carpet is loomed or tied, the more detail a carpet can have.

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