Custom area Rug with Logo

Special area carpets with logo

Ideal for indoor or outdoor use and for higher pedestrian zones. Since all our carpets are inlaid in the special area and not printed, larger is better when it comes to complex logos or designs. Whether we take your individual logo or any other individual design, we can create a high quality logo mat or area carpet to enhance your entrance or office. Custom Vinyl Loop Logo Mats Showers Wet Rooms Pools Aquatics Beige Autumn. Mats for every area of your boat or yacht, uni or with logo.

Custom Area Carpets - Commercial Floor Coverings & Mats Vancouver

Individual logo, sizes and shapes of the carpets. Tailor-made area carpets are the ideal complement to the decoration of your buildings. No matter if it's about underlining the aesthetics of your offices or functional separation of the seat areas from the tracks in a lively living room, the carpets for the individual area help to connect the whole. Using precise ultrasound knife trimming techniques, our computer-assisted trimming board brings your designer's idea to vividness and makes your individual carpet truly individual.

Our vast collection of available commercially available rugs allows us to customise practically any form and design to create a rug that is specifically tailored to the decoration and styling of your interior, giving it that high-quality, individual look. If you already work with a design professional, we can help you to realize your common visions.

Manufactured by hand from single piece of rug, sewn together and glued together to form an absolute unique rug, our bespoke carpets are made to measure. The use of custom materials for each of your custom rug components allows us to combine and adapt different designs, colors and style while maintaining clear, distinct edges between items that cannot be matched to print carpets.

Individual parts also allow us to use solvent coloured carpets to make your rug that offers excellent strength and spot strength. Since all our carpets are inserted in the special area and not imprinted, larger is better when it comes to intricate logo or pattern. Ensure that the smallest part of your logo is at least as large as a simple dimension - the smaller the surface area, the easier the design will be.

Each of our custom room carpets are custom made right here in Port Coquitlam BC to suit the home of your business, whether in the hallway, hall, lobby, hallway or main door - you are not bound to "standard sizes"! Single parts are trimmed, mounted and sewn together, prepared for the back: Take a look at some of our custom carpets here!

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