Custom Bar Mats

Client-specific bar mats

Individual bar mats and individually designed bar runners, design your own, individually printed bar mats and bar runners. Collect spills and personalize your house bar with our personalized bar runners. Custom bar mats have a non-slip rubber backing and a white fabric printing area to present your photos, designs, logos or text. Use a squeegee mat to protect the surface of your bar from water damage and wear. Have a look at our selection of bar mats and beer coasters online today!

Individual bar mats - create your own custom bar mats.

With custom bar mats, you can create your own personalized bar mats with your own images and text - all customizable and workable. Be it for a football, crime, bowling or bowling night, 21, birthday, engagement or bocks or chicken parties. With custom bar mats, you can order only 1 or as many copies as you need.

Barmats meet the highest industrial standards and can be laundered for use in the field without fringe or crimp. At our Melbourne facility, Mats and Bar mats are produced and imprinted using the latest printing technology, enabling crisp, vivid color, logos and photos to be replicated.

Beer Mats & Bar Mats

Standout Mats meets all the needs of the print mat industry, from small personalised bar mats to the biggest custom mats. Our mats are all imprinted here in Australia and we only use high grade Australian ingredients to manufacture our mats to our own uniquely specification. No matter whether you are on the one of our elastic band mats or another of our product, you can be sure that you are getting only the best grade.

Indeed, our entrance mats are so good that we provide a full 3 year warranty against colour loss and ordinary use. You' ll be surprised at the photo image you can see on our many floor posters, bar runners, mouse mats and counter mats - all of which are produced here in our own facility, using the latest digitally advanced technologies and run by highly skilled professionals with over 25 years of industry expertise.

Personalized bar runners | Individual bar mats with your logo and design

Personalized Barrunners are a great way to present your personal touch in an entertaining and useful way. Barrunners are a great way to present your personal touch in an entertaining and useful way. If you own a bar or tavern or have your own bar at home, these bespoke bar mats will provide a great focus and conversation point while looking both affordable and pro.

On the next page you can see them online. Simply click Launch Theme above to go to the page where you can post a picture, send a message or use text from our text editors. There are also finished flag and graphic designs available to enhance your look. Go one better by creating your own personal bar walker to give your house bar or function a touch of character.

Comes in 3 different size and with non-slip base in dark grey gum and a large printed area, ideal for presenting your photo or design. Although our personalized barrunner looks good, they are still extremely robust and long-lasting. They have a soft back made of gum, which makes them non-slip, ideal for the absorption of beverages, while the printed area is long-lasting and absorbent, so small spilled particles are no longer a concern.

Printing your themes or photographs on the blank surface, we make a nice, durable printing. Designed for your bar at home, our personalized bar mats will truly bring out something distinctive and distinctive that you and your "customers" will adore. When you own a bar or tavern and want to make your name known, just sketch a logotype and a pattern and we will imprint it on our personalized bar-runs.

Made-to-measure bar mats are a great way to promote your company while being a very useful bar. Personalize your company with our personalized centrifugal rotors. Flush custom rail guides under submerged dropsy. Wash, make sure the engine is in order at low temperatures below 30 degrees C. The pressure lasts for years.

3-years warranty on printing and materials.

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