Custom Business Mats

Client-specific business mats

Anti-fatigue mat is the leading mat in the industry! Ortho mats offer a unique level of comfort for all standing positions. Your individual door mat can also be personalised with your company image or logo in stunning visual colour, giving your company a professional appearance. You can order our personalised floor mats for your home and individual logo entrance mats for your company.

Anti-fatigue mats Ortho

State-of-the-art anti-fatigue mats! Ortho mats offer a unique degree of convenience for all types of stand up. Although the mats are light, they are made of 100% natural latex and are thus protected against early collapse due to dirt, moisture, etc. The mats are made of 100% natural latex. The Hog Heaven mats are convenient, adjustable anti-fatigue mats for damp and damp areas.

Mats are available in 5/8" or 7/8" and you can select between uni solid steel or with a security strip edge. There is a large choice of anti-fatigue mats suitable for all types of stands: damp, drier, strong/low, etc. All mats are listed by manufacturer so you know exactly which products you are purchasing.

Individual Logo Mats & Floor Mats for Companies

Individual rug floor mats ("Jet Print Floor Mats" ) are perfect for almost any kind of business and can be used to present the latest high value print of your company logos or business messages. Manufactured from precision computer-controlled printers, these custom designed Floor Mats are designed to improve and show a breathtaking picture of your company name.

The tailor-made floor mats are ideal for heavy pedestrian applications as they are made of long life and long life fibreglass. Your individual entrance can also be personalised with your corporate picture or logotype in breathtaking colour, giving your business a truly personal touch.

It is available in different, individually designed styles to cover any area. Designed for almost all kinds of businesses, our custom designed wiper logo floor mats are made from a high grade, long lasting vulcanized elastomer. Thus, these mesh models can be simply washed on site. Wiper Logo Mats have a structured, broached finish to remove stubborn shoe debris and impurities; in combination with NBR, this matt is the definitive non-slip finish for added protective performance.

Long-lasting high-quality gum, prevents slipping and falling. The Waterhog Impression Custom Logotype is made from high grade, heavy duty polyamide. This custom logomat provides a high-quality, abundant picture of your logotype directly onto the cloth. Every individual logomat is meticulously manufactured with an appealing "water dam" edge that holds up to 1.5 gal. of fresh air per sq. metre.

This custom designed logomat is ideal for entrances. Waterhog Premium Custom Logotype floor mats are produced with a one-of-a-kind, high grade insert technique, which means that the mats are specifically designed from different colours of carpets to provide maximal definition of the detail to keep your logotype clear and legible. Nylon mats allow you to visually represent your logo's artwork with up to 21 vibrant, durable colours to select from, as these rubber mats are handcrafted and tested during manufacture, they provide long life.

The mats are a good option for presenting breathtaking works of art and are scaleable to meet your needs. High-quality rug brand ing matt that is tailored to your cost. The Jet Print logotype floor mats are the ideal blend of styling and economy. Bring the better things for your business at a better cost!

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