Custom Carpet Design

Individual carpet design

The perfect carpet design for your project will be adapted to your ideas. Heaven is the limit - you have the freedom to design any carpet according to your wishes. With our advanced manufacturing technology, you can design anything you want. Just like you, we are also passionately interested in design. We believe strongly in the freedom of individual design as a designer brand for commercial tufted carpets.

Customized design

Heaven is the border at e-ge if you want to make something truly one-of-a-kind. Using the latest manufacturing technologies, you can design a custom design for an exclusive design - and satisfy all your customization and manufacturing needs. All our rugs are shipped in less than three week from the date we received your order.

Or you can take over the design's own creativity or tell our design team about your own work. No matter what you select, we work together tightly to design a carpet for your design that stands your heads and shoulders above the other. Carpeting gives your home a sense of convenience, style and ambience.

Whether it's a detailled display or just a brief outline - a photo, a specific finish or a specific pattern: any of your designs - we'll make the carpet that's right for your needs. The only thing you have to do is to submit design suggestions that describe your thoughts and desires.

On the basis of your first suggestions, our design department creates a design outline. The design department is always there for you to help you realise your dreams. The only thing you have to do is to tell us about your idea and your idea for the carpet. Let us help you make your dreams come true!

On the basis of your specifications, we create a range of design suggestions that emphasise exactly what you want to emphasise. In large scale design it is sometimes very useful for the designers to go to the place where the carpet is to be laid. Looking at the bodily environment gives the designers a better grasp of the type of work.


Design concept of a design on the base of the entered idea, whether sketch, layout, repeating pattern, color, textile, pattern, fabric or wallpaper and in all conceivable sizes, photographs, sketches, samples or outlines. Make your decision from our first recommendations about the carpet qualities your design needs.

Kreative, colourful and graphical realisation of the idea by seasoned carpet designer. Print-outs of your drawings in format PDF, sent by e-mail for release by the client. Permit or change the design designed by our carpet artists. Implementing authorized AutoCAD constructions on carpet qualities by a specialized lab technician group. Get the pattern accepted before the start of your custom carpet manufacturing.

Qualified draughtsmen, who work according to the shackles your floor plan requires, accurately work out the dimensions and repetitions of the design to guarantee the best possible end results and simpler installations. Their design is manufactured on our state-of-the-art Chromojet 800 manufacturing equipment with unbelievable precision.

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