Custom Carpet Floor Mats

Individual carpet mats

Doormats can improve the appearance of your interior with little effort. Stylishly protect the interior of your car with a set of carpet mats. The AutoSports range of luxurious, custom made carpet mats stays in place and protects the floors in your car, truck, SUV or minivan. Our range includes the largest selection of carpet mats for cars, trucks, vans and SUVs.

Carpeted floor mats for cars and lorries

Your carpet in your vehicle or lorry can be susceptible to staining and damage from abrasion, so it needs to be kept safe, but don't think that your only alternative is vinyls or mats. Our carpet mats can help keep your carpet safe and give your home a touch of flair and feeling.

Our range offers you the most suitable individual mats with the lowest, most plush, available nap and a selection of over 1000 individual logo designs. When working with a budgeted floor, you can still get the great look and feel of carpet with our affordably priced all-purpose carpet mats, which are also available with custom logoing.

There is no doubt that your carpet needs protecting, or smudges and flimsy smudges diminish the value of your automobile or lorry at retail. If your carpet has now been delivered with works mats, you may think that your carpet is adequately covered. Unfortunately, plant floor mats are made at a cost and they simply cannot offer the cover, look and longevity that our bespoke carpet mats can do.

We can also provide you with bespoke mats that blend seamlessly with your interiors and use your own on-site anchorage system, if available. Our tailor-made mats are conceived and tailored to the respective applications in order to provide as much protection for the floor as possible.

Every one has a high-quality, moisture-resistant backing, and our most luxury mats feature extra cushioning for more cushioning and silencing. Carpet mats are available in a variety of fabrics, from 100% Nylons and Nylons to super luxury Sheepskins, in a variety of styles, weight and pole height, incorporating classical loops, chopped loops, Berber and low loops.

Carpets for every purse and every flavour, from an economically low, tight 20 oz./sq. yd. and 3/16" pitch size to luxury 48 oz./sq. yd. carpets, over 3 x lighter than conventional automobile carpets, and a low, 5/8 " ultra-plus high.

All-purpose mats are the economic way to keep your carpet protected. It has a high quality rug in polyamide, a hard-wearing "nipped" back to avoid slipping and a ready-made edge. Tailor-made as well as universally available carpet mats are available with individual styles such as Camo, Zoebra and Leeopard as well as individual logo design to add a unique note to your home.

Are you a sport enthusiast, you probably have a lot of equipment with the favourite football club emblem, and now you can show the picture on your floor mats. Matting is available with all important college and university emblems. When you have a member of your household who is serving and protecting our land, we can supply you with mats showing the logotypes of the various branches of the war.

Of course we have logo's for all common makes and types of cars. When you have children and your pet and keep up with spills, drink and slimy feet, or when you work outside and follow slime and snows into your truck, you may think that rubbers and vinyls are your only choice for carpet shelter.

However, with our all-weather carpet mats and floor coverings you can have the plushy look and feeling of carpets with protections that are just as efficient at preventing dirt and soiling. Smooth, dirt-repellent carpet fabric is mounted on a robust, practically impermeable back that is specially shaped to fit the floor and some have an increased circumference to prevent fluids from getting onto the underlay.

These mats are just as easy to wash as their vinyls and rubbers equivalents - simply wash off any dirt with a waterpipe.

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