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For a custom, contact Mohd Haneef and Sons in Bhadohi, the heart of carpet making in India. Manufacturer and designer of made-to-measure carpets and rugs. At Nourison we are the leading manufacturer of carpets for everyone, from the catering trade to A&D companies, as our design teams work with ours. Sales partner for carpets and rugs in Alicante. This is the best manufacturer of carpets with many years of experience in this field.


Our main focus is on "hand airbrushed carpets " in various material such as: Our full range of fabrication equipment, including our own dyehouse, our own designer staff, the graphics and soil calculator and all the associated equipment needed for the fabrication work, allows us to help the customer produce the designs or adapt the customer's interiors to the dimensions and locations desired.

Our entire plant is fully controlled to ensure that it meets the customer's requirements. Therefore our rugs have been honoured in many prestige royal palaces in Holland, Europe and the Middle East as well as world famous yachts, casinos, luxury hotels, executive offices, government buildings and even personal aircraft.

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No matter whether you are looking for easy-care, hard-wearing, woollen, durable, nylon, PP or mixed carpet - even flourescent or metal looks - Custom carpets can find the right carpet for you. We have built up a national and multinational carpet supplier base, which means that the right carpet will be purchased and delivered to you every single day.

The Custom Carpet assortment comprises trademarks of the following manufacturers: Every type of carpet has its own properties. Identifying your needs will help you find the best carpet styling for your home or work. Trim carpeting is obtained by trimming the loop upper sides so that the nap remains erect with a uniformly flat area.

Twine is designed with a light torsion that is chemical or thermal cured. The result is a carpet with a very smooth, luxury look. Fluffy rugs tend to show temporal shades of feetprints and vacuum cleaning. It is considered a feature of this type of carpet but has no adverse effect on its performances.

Schnittpol revolving rugs are made from a higher thread count thread, which allows the nap to lie in different orientations and gives it a more structured look. Durable and durable, Zwist carpet keeps its surface. As they have a more structured surface, they are also less likely to show signs of shade or persecution in the nap.

As the name implies, a sling carpet is where the carpet web creates a sling. Thread is fed through the back and then stitched through again - a thread bow is created. Various kinds of sling pole rugs are available. Pole rugs are tough, long-lasting and do not tend to show the footprint as often as other rug styles.

The sisal is a sling pole carpet with structured looping in even series. You can vary the heights of the straps to create different designs and finishes. It is a very favourite carpet because of its classic look and its ability to adapt to almost any type of interiors. Clusters can vary in size, resulting in a structured and patternsed look.

This has a classy look with a sleek, supple handle. The carpet is made of different height straps that give the carpet a structured look. The Hi/Lo sling pole rugs are particularly long-lasting. Frisian rugs are characterized by a long nap that runs in different direction, giving a deeper structure and a ragged look.

Friesian carpet qualities have been enhanced by better yarn and more diverse designs, such as blending thick and thin as well as long and small yarn. The carpet stile is highly long-lasting and offers a sensuous and luxury feeling.

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