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Individual carpets

Create the tone for your entire living space with the perfect, individual carpet. Individual carpets from Aztec Carpet and Rug. Our company specialises in individual floor coverings, from wool carpets to unique carpets from the region. Attractive and versatile carpets for the area bring warmth, colour and texture to any room. We are the only manufacturer of carpet bindings and carpets for the individual area and we serve Lansing Michigan and the surrounding areas.

Individual Carpets | Individual Designer Carpets & Rugs

An individual carpet designing process: Advice - come and see our Melbourne store to share your own personal vision or to be inspired by our large range of styles. Creative - Choose an individual carpet theme from our Creative Carpet Libraries and bring your idea to life with the help of our skilled graphic artists who can help you by sketching the theme to size and in your selected colors and texts.

Unless you have a particular idea in your head, our staff can work with you to develop a truly original look. Our aim is to make sure that the nature of your carpet designs is in tune with the environment and reflect you and your life style. Colors and finishes - We have over 5000 colors to select from and can help you customize or add color to other items in your room.

Our work is based on the best ingredients to produce rugs of outstanding qualities. Among these fabrics are wools, silks, pashmina, flax, cannabis and aloes. Our services will help you to choose the desired structure and colour, as well as the material to be used. Measurements and shapes - We can manufacture your individual rugs and rugs in any desired dimension and form, as well as your individual wall-to-wall rugs and staircases for home and business use.

Print template - Once we have defined all your needs, our internal architects and graphics artists will produce a true-to-scale picture of the designs for your review. The texture is dragged according to the selected colors and texts and held as lifelike as possible.

Czar carpets: Ultimate solution for individual carpets and rugs

Let us know your thoughts, drawings and materials and see how your visions take form. Immerse yourself in our comprehensive library of designs and discover the endless opportunities. Subsequently, we prepare a pattern to make sure that your draft is translated into a high value vinyl joint. TSAR's staff monitors the manufacturing processes from beginning to end and ensures that every single item complies with the strictest norms.

Now your unique unique item belongs to you. You' ll be informed when your item arrives and we can supply and fit it on demand.

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