Custom Carpet Tiles

Individual carpet tiles

in order to take advantage of the flexibility of carpet tiles in terms of handling, laying and replacement. Logos carpet tile inlays are a great way to customise your flooring with traditional entrance mats of carpet tiles. Homepage - Products - Collections - The Park - View individual brochure. Create tile - drift tile - exploration tile - lingerie tile - reflective tile. > You will find endless possibilities for your project with IVC carpet tiles.

Tailor-made carpet tiles

in order to take advantage of the flexible nature of carpet tiles in relation to manipulation, laying and swapping. Small all over custom pattern edifice is particularly suitable for carpet tiles as it covers the joints and gives a uniform look of a large area like carpet. Therefore, large samples and designs that have to fit over the tiles are not advisable as they cannot be replicated when tiles are laid.

If you are designing a carpet design scheme, let us guide you through the whole design phase, from the initial concept to the final carpet design.

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Artistic Flooring is a leading company in the individual carpet industry, specialising in the creation and production of original carpet designs and high value premium carpet. Our handcrafted rugs and floor coverings in Australian designs are engineered to create the right atmosphere and sound for any room, from large congress centers to playrooms to private cafes.

This results in the ideal floor kit to leave a lasting imprint. Should you wish to talk to one of our experts about your special flooring requirements, please call 07 3890 7799.


GUARANTEED COMPARISON OF PRICES! We adjust any prices or give you 110% of the differential. Therefore, we strive to supply our clients with matting at the best possible prices. Please send us an e-mail or give us a call to ask for a comparison of prices. Well, we need to be able to corroborate the lower rate. Either before placing an order or within 3 working days after the order.

It is our ultimate right to make the best possible determination as to whether the products are admissible.

Common questions - XM3 and Wall2Wall

What is the number of tiles or square meters in each of the boxes? We have 20 moduls per speaker, that's 5m2 of carpet. There is a minimal order for carpet tiles using our wall-to-wall carpet system based on a single carpet module kit. We do not have a minimal order value for Classic Flooring rugs. So how long before I get my rug?

Special productions and large -volume designs can have a manufacturing and supply period that extends standard supply periods by six-week. If the carpet or carpet tiles box is broken, what should I do? A downloadable service manual is available on this website for both XL3 carpet tiles and Classic Flooring Broadloom, explaining what your carpet's standard service routines are and what can be done for different types of spots and spilled material.

If my carpet gets soaked, what happens? Should you experience small floods or heavy rains entering the structure, your Carpet module can be taken off to allow the cement or other substrate to drip. Let the module air out before replacing it. According to the extent of the damages, this may necessitate the support of your floor covering company.

When you experience rainfall into the house or small floods, our campaign carpet can handle it, but should be able to desiccate as quickly as possible. Could I have a carpet made to measure? Our team is able to work with your designers to develop custom designed solutions for any project that requires more than 1500 meters of carpet.

Let your agent at Classical Flooring Australia know your needs and we will put together a test pattern from which you can make a choice. How high is the fire class for my carpet? You can view the fire test for all our rugs by click here. How can I see or get a carpet pattern?

On this website you can submit a pattern inquiry by ticking the box labeled Contacting Us and the option Please submit me a pattern. Just give us your data and a specimen will be sent to your postal adress or sent to you by one of our agents. Carpet Retail and Carpet Contract full pattern store for your comfort.

Which guarantee does my carpet have? For each carpet item, a separate guarantee period has been granted depending on its suitability for the purpose of use. Guarantee declarations can be viewed by click here. The following chart shows the guarantee and purpose of your carpet.

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