Custom Coco Mats

Individual coconut mats

Coconut flocked mats offer amazing graphics on an environmentally friendly mat for a personalized, professional looking, clean and safe door step. Grab traditionally printed, plain, natural premium coconut mats, horse carriage mats, dock bumpers and Green Coco garden products. Give us a call or send an email for custom made traditional coconut mats. Send us an e-mail for individual price offers. Cocomats.

com produces the best individual car carpets.

Individually cut coconut mats | Recessed back coconut mat Rear coconut silk mats

Individually chopped mats are 100% virgin fibres made from the shell of the nut, and are environment safe. Backed with vinyls, these coco mats are perfect for sunken areas in hotels, offices, restaurants, offices or even at home. Coco mats are simple to lay as they do not have to be stuck to your sunken surface due to their lightness and design.

You keep your area tidy as their bristle-like structure removes grime and deposits from the underside of the footwear efficiently. Providing a neat, classy look for your room and not moving, they reduce the likelihood of slips and falls efficiently.

Coco Doormats

Kokosmatten and Kokosmatten are perhaps the most omnipresent Türmatten for the private and industrial use. The cocoa mats consist of coir fibre glumes which remove dust and deposits from footwear efficiently. Citroën mats are manufactured in a plain colour and a wide range of styles to complete any doorway.

Coconut mats are available in various strengths for the industrial sector for use on already installed flooring and as deepened coconut mats inlaid. Much of our coconut mats are made in custom sizes and sizes to suit every room. Coconut mats, also known as coconut mats, are proven foot mats that act like scrubbing mops and professionally clean shoe soiling.

These mats are made of coir fibre glumes, which are imbedded in a thick vinylic backing for more durability. Classical coir mats have developed into an indispensable living room entrance mats for use at front entranceways, garages and terraces. Thoroughly remove grime and deposits before they can be traced inside.

Classical coconut mats are 1-1/2" thick and are interwoven inside so that soil and moisture can drop through the mats.

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