Custom Cut door Mats

Individually tailored door mats

This coconut mat with vinyl backing is ideal for recessed areas in hotels, restaurants, offices and commercial buildings. Coconut fiber with rubber edge Personalized door mat. Here's how we've made our DIY tailor-made doormat. Blade cut easily through the rubber and I could pull away all excess parts of the mat. Note) It's bigger than a typical doormat, so I cut mine in two halves.


coconut mats

The Mat World's Matting coat is made in Europa from high-quality coconut fibers from the shell of a coconut. Coconut fibre, when used in heavyduty mats, offers excellent scrape characteristics to make sure that heavier residues such as thick sludge and strong debris remain on the coconut mats and do not disperse throughout the work area.

Gummiläufer and individually cut mats

Walking mats, which are also referred to as rolling floors due to their supply, are longer continuous items that are well suitable for covering large areas. It is a feature that we reinforce through the use of rich structured finishes that improve friction and skid resistance, resulting in an outstanding quality that is perfectly suitable for security and protection use.

There are also a number of available designs - with different structured designs, gages and fabrics. The best part is that our custom mats can be tailored to meet your needs and are available in up to 50 feet long continous mats. Simple to lay and care for, we provide heavy-duty floor coverings, some of which can even be used outside!

When you have catwalks, halls, passageways or other surfaces that see damp or are subject to the weather, use our running mats to offer the individual a secure and convenient walk! This is a great way to increase the much needed additional adhesion and pull, especially in places where excess humidity is present.

Only a few droplets of moisture are needed to turn a soil texture into a danger - but unfortunately it is not always possible to avoid burials, leakages and events such as rains or snows. Rubber's inherently high co-efficient of drag helps to reduce the risk of slippage in the work place as much as possible when these running mats are used.

In addition, the smooth finish of our rubberised running mats offers more grip and convenience than hard-wood, tiled, linoleum laid or reinforced flooring and is specially formulated for non-slip use! Safeguard your home or company with individual mats that stick to the existing decor or room - or use your rolling floor as an eye-catching finish that creates a clear walkway more readily.

This running mats fits well in every workplace, corridor orobby. A perfect blend of shape and functionality - these running mats really are the best of both worlds! in one! In the description of these running mats, the words "hard" and "strong" just scrape the surfaces. Our running mats are manufactured using a range of different types of material - from recyclable, synthetical and virgin rubber to highly durable PVCs.

Ultimately, the end results are very long-lasting items that are engineered to last in even the harshest conditions. Most of our mats are well suitable for use outdoors, which means they will resist continuous sunshine, excess humidity and naturally intense use. Our production material is kept at a high level.

That' s why, no mater which choice you decide on, you will surely get a long lasting and dependable running mat kit. Really, it's up to you: Whatever your needs and wishes are, you can be sure that these tailor-made mats can fulfil them. Roller floors are one of the simplest installation possibilities!

All you need is a brush to remove dirt from the surfaces of your running mats, while a wet sponge brush or tube can help you clean more thoroughly. There is no need, with such simple servicing, why you can't give your home or office a permanent coating of non-slip interior or exterior shelter!

Low service and high power; these two principles show what so many like about these running mats. Remember that our custom made mats and skids can be cut to order and because the materials are so mouldable, the product can be adjusted and cut to uneven corners. You can use our mats to help your friends, colleagues and clients.

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