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On-line, under the section Create Your Own Rug there is a tab Custom Options. It can be woven using various techniques including cut pile, loop pile, flat weave, soumak and needle-tip wallpaper. Take a look at our carpet collection online. Insider guide for individual sizes: However, many varieties are online.

Big outdoor carpets 4m width Natural colours Rollers Low maintenance Large selection

You can cut this carpet rolls to length and width to fit you, but you must still buy the full width of the rolls even if you only want to be 3.5m high. So, if you have a large outdoors entertainment area, why not use one of our rugged outdoors carpet ranges to give your favourite residential area a custom touch and make a truly welcoming place where everyone can indulge.

Create or animate your open-air eating area by simply creating an open-air ceiling with a color or design, or simply to protect your ground from the chair, or simply to use it to protect a dirty or chapped terrace topping. Outdoors carpets are ideal touches in cool modern environments as well as in solariums or outside terraces, wherever you really want them.

They are so long-lasting that many use them as rugs indoors, for example to protect your valuable flooring under desks and seats outdoors, or even under dinner room desks, home economics rooms, garage and play areas, as they can stand much more misuse thandoors. Designed for exterior use, these exterior carpet rugs are made from tough material that is highly resistant to both interior and exterior use and are specially designed to meet the tough Australian environment.

Considering all this and not to forget the great customer response to these outdoors carpets, what more do you need! For truncated reel buys like this, no return is given.

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All our collection are designed to suit the needs of our clients and require a variety of colours, designs, textures and a large selection of different sized items in many different style directions. In our large selection of collection you will find the carpet that is right for every part of your home, from the foot mat sized to large carpets, home, sleeping and cooking carpets, prefabricated and made to measure castors for your corridors, stairwells and exceptional rooms.

We believe that the diversity of available colors, styles, texts and pricing will make your online buying adventure an enjoyable one.

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